​​Physical Therapy Program Outcomes

The Physical Therapy Program works very hard to give you the best education possible! Here are some areas we are proud to talk about:

Program Offerings & Highlights

  • We offer a 3+3 program; three years of pre-professional study (general education and pre-requisites) and three years of professional study (PT program curriculum).
  • We are one of two in the nation that offers a Weekend PTA to DPT Bridge Program for Physical Therapist Assistants (PTAs) to obtain their DPT degree.
  • We offer dedicated classroom and laboratory spaces with faculty-to-student clinical laboratory course ratio of 16:1. 
  • ​In 2019, 39 student/faculty research projects were published or accepted for publication or presentation at state or national venues. Our faculty has an average of 22 years of clinical experience and 13 years of teaching experience.
  • Service-learning opportunities include a six-week pro-bono clinic for treatment of adults and children with neurological diagnoses, local screening for fall risk and developmental delay, a trip to Honduras to provide locals with pro-bono PT services, and a trip in planning phases to provide service to residents of an Indian reservation in the western US. 
  • We have a state of the art research laboratory including a 3-dimensional gait analysis system.
Faculty in the Physical Therapy Program work collaboratively with Career Services to host skills building workshops to help students with resume writing, interviewing skills, and techniques for negotiating. A job fair welcoming local and regional employers provides the students with the opportunity to practice networking skills and to research employment options post-graduation. 

Our graduates can work in a variety of settings including: hospitals, schools, nursing homes, home health, rehabilitation centers, outpatient clinics and educational institutions.

Pass Rates

Pass rates of Findlay's PT students taking the National Physical Therapy Examination (NPTE):

PTA to DPT Bridge Program:

First-time pass rates:

2018-2020 three-year average: 75.3%


Ultimate pass rates:

2018-2020 three-year average: 93.8%

2019-2020 two-year average: 93.7%


Traditional DPT Program:

First-time pass rates:

2019-2021 three-year average: 85.1%

2019-2020 two-year average: 81.2%


Ultimate pass rate:

2019-2021 three-year average: 97.9%

2020-2021 two-year average: 96.7%

2019-2020 two-year average: 98.6%

​Graduation & Employment Rate

Average graduation rate in 2017 and 2018:
    • 90.4% for the Traditional DPT Program
    • 87% for the Weekend PTA to DPT Bridge Program

100% employment rates within six months of licensure in both Traditional DPT and Weekend PTA to DPT Bridge Programs in 2016 and 2017​.