Graduate Assistantship 

Policies and Procedures

1.  The year for graduate assistantships runs from May 1 to April 30.  An asking unit (program, faculty or staff member) may apply for a graduate assistantship for all or part of a year.  Typically most UF graduate assistantships follow the fall (Sept - Dec) and spring (Jan - April) semester. 

2.  A student may have an assistantship for all or part of an academic or calendar year, but the total hours of tuition reimbursement per year do not change. The limit is 12 semester hours per year.  Assistantships may be split within an administrative unit.  

3.  Any college or school, administrative unit or faculty member on campus may apply to have a graduate assistant.  The tuition remission rules also apply to graduate assistantships in the Athletic Department.  

4.  For assistantships funded through the Academic Affairs office, and will provide notification of recommendations made by the Graduate Student Services Committee of the Graduate Council for the year beginning May 1st.  If the asking unit is providing the funding, then deadline dates will depend on the funding agency. The Graduate Student Services committee of Graduate Council makes recommendations to the Vice President for Academic Affairs for allocation of graduate assistantships for the academic year.   

5.  Applications are made to the Office of Academic Affairs for all positions each year.  The application should include the application form and supporting documents and must be signed by the appropriate supervisor and College Dean or administrative head of the administrative unit.  The justification for the position should be complete and clearly and thoroughly explain the benefits of this position to both the student and the University (See Request for Graduate Assistant form for details).  

6.  Graduate Assistantships facilitate the education of the student and provide an additional graduate level learning opportunity for the student.  Graduate Assistantships also provide a direct benefit to the University in the form of teaching assistance or scholarly productivity.  Therefore, those applications that best describe an assistantship that will advance the student’s education and provide a clear benefit to the University are most likely to be approved.  

7.  The following items must be included for an application to be considered:   Carefully written position description that explains the need. All information that is requested on the application form must be provided.  Applicants are encouraged to provide and attach supporting documents. Requirement that the student selected have a major in an area appropriate to the work to be done.  (For example, an environmental major working in an environmental lab is appropriate.  An MBA student helping in a Chemistry lab is not). A clear administrative pathway for appointing and supervising the student is identified.  Specifically, the Dean of the College or appropriate administrative supervisor should sign the approval to hire before it is sent to the Director of Graduate Operations. Continuing positions will be considered, especially if there is supporting evidence of substantial progress toward identified and documented goals.  However, it should be noted that positions are not guaranteed for re-approval.  

8.   If the asking unit has the budget to support the position, then the Graduate Student Academic Standards Committee of the Graduate Council and the Graduate Dean will only examine the proposal for its quality.  In other words, they will ask only “Does it advance the student’s education?”  

9.  If the asking unit expects financial support from the University through the office of Academic Affairs, then a needs assessment should be included in the request for a position.  

10. The Vice President for Academic Affairs must approve each position as recommended by the Graduate Student Services Committee of the Graduate Council. Funding is based on the documentation of potential benefit to the student and the University.   

11. Due to the fluid nature of graduate education, it may be necessary for the Director of Graduate Operations to grant exceptions to these dates and rules.  Such exception is not likely more than once per year.  

12. A written request for a graduate assistantship should address all items outlined on the Request for Graduate Assistant form.  Incomplete requests will be considered incomplete until all required materials have been submitted.  

13. The funding for all approved graduate assistantship positions is based on the approval of the recommended budget by the Board of Trustees.  If funding for graduate assistantships is decreased, some approved positions may not receive the required funding to support an approved position.