​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Student Academic Development

Student Academic Development (StAD) funding is intended to enhance students’ educational and professional development by supporting their participation in academic activities in their fields of study. Funding is primarily intended to support student presentations at conferences and workshops in their discipline. Funding may be available for attendance and special projects. Students seeking funding for a special project are encouraged to first inquire about suitability for funding by contacting the Chair of Student Academic Development, Dr. ​Ghose​ [email protected] before submitting a proposal.​

The current maximum amount that an individual student may request is $500 per year, this is defined as August 1 – July 31. In some instances, students may receive 75% of their grant after committee approval and the remaining 25% after the expense report and project evaluation forms are submitted. Most funding will be received in the form of reimbursements (after the event) rather than advances (before the event).

Student Eligibility 

Students must meet criteria appropriate to current classification:


  • Currently enrolled at The University of Findlay and
  • Taking at least 12 hours per semester (in any combination of day, evening, weekend, or online courses)
Proposals from part-time students cannot be considered.

  • Full-time or
  • Part-time
Proposals from full-time graduate students will receive first consideration.

Required Materials

The following must be submitted electronically through the online application:

Before activity

    • Complete online application form (including attachments – detailed below)

Two weeks after activity

    • Post activity evaluation
    • Expense report with original receipts

Due Dates 

1.     Proposals, supporting documentation, and faculty endorsements are due on:

  • The last Friday in October for activities taking place between July 1 and December 31
  • The last Friday in March for activities taking place between January 1 and June 30

2.     Post activity evaluations and expense reports with original receipts are due within two weeks of the completion of the activity OR funding decision notification, whichever occurs first.

Expense Reports

1.     Students should be sure to OBTAIN AND KEEP ITEMIZED RECEIPTS. Following the conference or workshop, students need to submit a detailed expense report with original receipts. If you do not have receipts, you will not receive reimbursement or will be required to return all funding advanced to you. Expense reports with original receipts must be submitted within two weeks of the completion of the project or immediately following committee approval when students have already completed the project prior to submitting a proposal. Students should retain duplicate copies of their receipts and expense report.

2.     Receipts must accompany the expense report. These can be submitted either physically or in a single PDF document. Follow these guidelines when submitting receipts:

  • Physical: Please tape all receipts on white 8 ½" x 11" paper with transparent tape. Be careful not to tape over any written information on the receipts as it causes problems when the receipts are scanned. Mail to campus address below.
  • Digital: Create a single PDF document by either scanning original receipts or compiling images. Email to [email protected].

3.     Failure to abide by these guidelines may lead to forfeiting some or all of the funding originally granted to the student.

Expense reports and receipts must be submitted as either all hard copies or all PDF to Dr. Nabarun Ghose​ through mail or campus mail. Students who are not living on campus should mail the materials to:

University of Findlay

Attn: Dr. Nabarun Ghose​, Chair​

Student Academic Development

1000 N. Main St.

Findlay, OH 45840

​Links for Application

StAD Online Application (Opens in new tab)

​Use this to complete your online application AFTER gathering all required information

StAD Guidelines & Rubric​

Use this information to help you gather the content required for the online application.

StADevelopment Faculty Endorsement

Use this form to request a faculty endorsement for your activity.