Oral Presentations


Presentation Time & Room Setup

Sessions are 20 minutes long, with 15 minutes for the presentation followed by a 5-minute question-answer period. Assigned time blocks will be posted on the SSC homepage. 

Room Setup 

  • Presenters are assigned to classrooms equipped with computer, projector, screen, and internet.
  • PowerPoint presentations should be saved on a USB/Flash drive. 
  • If a presentation includes a poster, this may be taped onto the white board or placed on its ledge; or bring your own easel.

Primary Contact & Faculty Sponsor(s)

Only one person should complete the form per presentation. 

For group presentations:

  • The person designated as primary contact completes the form. 
  • Names of additional presenters are entered in the section, Other Participants. NAMES SHOULD BE SPELLED CORRECTLY. 
  • Primary contacts are responsible for notifying other participants of time and location of presentations and other relevant information from the SSC committee.

Faculty sponsor(s)

Participants are responsible for contacting at least one faculty person to be their sponsor. The sponsor must review the application before it is submitted.

Presentation Title, Abstract & Program Summary

  1. Summarize. What is the question your research set out to answer, or the purpose of your trip or experience? What did you learn? Why is your research or presentation valuable to the field; what can you contribute to learning in this area? 
  2. Use your own profession's style of writing (e.g. MLA, AMA, APA)
  3. Check spelling and grammar. 
  4. See sample abstracts and SSC program summaries.

Certificate of Participation & Door Prizes

All participants will receive a Certificate of Participation. Presenters will also receive a ticket for a free T-Shirt to be picked up at the reception. All individuals giving presentations will automatically be entered in a drawing for a door prize at the reception. Individuals must be present to win.

Call for Participation Application Form

To participate in SSC 2023, please complete the application form for Oral Presentation and submit before FEBRUARY 12, 2024.