​​​​​​Sample SSC Program Summaries​

College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences​

The Impact of Sexist Rhetoric on Women’s Participation in News Comments Sections

Bailey Poland
The introduction of comments sections to online news articles enables greater reader participation online. However, scant research has been done on the impact of sexist rhetoric, despite its presence in online spaces. This project analyzes the impact of sexist rhetoric in the comments sections of Buzzfeed, Fox News, and MSNBC.

Understanding Mass Shooters’ Exposure to Adverse Childhood Experiences

Lacey Grogan and Erica Frantz
The purpose of this study is to investigate the prevalence of adverse childhood experiences in the lives of mass shooters. The Adverse Childhood Experiences scale will be used to code information found on the 80 mass shooters included in the study. We plan to present the descriptive statistics of our findings.

Unvirtuous Findlay: Victorian Prostitution’s Impact on the City and its Citizens

Joy Brown
An examination of Findlay’s prostitution trade, which flourished during the natural gas and oil boom, finds that these workers, through economic influence and social agency, contributed to the city’s development. Rhetorical analysis seeks to present an unbiased reflection on these women’s lives and their benefits to the community.

College of Health Professions

Reliability of Concussion Assessment and Management Practices of Certified Athletic Trainers

Ashley Wagner and Colleen Coombs
In 2010, NCAA passed legislation in all three divisions of college athletics, requiring institutions to develop and maintain policies to assist the sports medicine team in identifying and managing sport-related concussions. The purpose of our research is to measure the test-retest reliability of the instrument designed by Klozik, Clements, Buss, Stevens, and Stump.

Parental Demographics and Children’s Nutritional Knowledge: A Relational Study

Molly Titus, Aiman Khan
This study explores the relationship between specific parental socioeconomic factors (household income, highest parental education level, parent’s work industry, ethnicity, child’s school) and children’s nutritional knowledge, and if those children demonstrating more nutritional knowledge are more likely to be a healthy weight, as opposed to those demonstrating less knowledge.

Do Parents See the Benefits of the Mandated Services Provided by Hannah’s House?

Carrie McKee
This research will investigate whether or not parents see the benefits of supervised visitation programs, supervised exchanges, and parenting and co-parenting classes. These programs are often mandated and rarely voluntary. A study will be completed to see if parents are in fact seeing the benefits of the program.

College of Sciences

Relationships Among the Vertical Force and Pressure on a Horse’s Hooves and the Risk of Injury During a Walk, Trot, and Canter

Joni Montgomery, Heather Reist, Katelyn Reist
Lameness is an important topic in the horse industry. Education about risks is key to preventing possible hoof injuries. This presenta¬tion provides insights into possible causes of lameness – excessive vertical force and pressure. Vertical force and pressure on hooves during a walk, trot, and canter were compared among sound horses.

How Microglia Affect Brain Regeneration in Adult Zebrafish

Lauren Schaper, Marinna Mercer
Microglia, resident inflammatory cells of the brain, stimulate neuron regeneration after injury in adult zebrafish but the signals that prompt neurogenesis is not known. We use real-time pcr and immunohistochemistry to examine candidate molecules that microglia might use to stimulate neural stem cells to proliferate and make new neurons after injury.

The Effects of Stressors on the Shedding of Cryptosporidium Species in Dairy Calves in Findlay, Ohio

Alison Morey and Sarah Roebuck
Dairy calves are a common reservoir of the zoonotic disease Cryptosporidium. This parasite can be shed in these calves’ feces for several months and can be transmitted to humans. Previous studies have shown a correlation between calf age and shedding; the relationship between stressors and shedding is this investigation’s focus.

College of Business

The Banking Industry of Nepal: Weaknesses and Threats

Ayushma KC
The main aim of the presentation will be to show how Nepal is overcoming its challenges after the massive earthquake of 2016 and still holding its ground. Five-years of data is analyzed to show how the profit is still going upwards.

Know for Whom the Tax Bell Tolls

Laura Campbell
This presentation examines the burden of federal income taxes on family groups with annual incomes ranging from $20,000 to $5,000,000. The results of this class research project prove incontrovertibly that the greatest federal tax burden fell upon citizens who earn the lowest incomes.

College of Education

UF Partnering with UF

Stephanie Goodrich, Emily Rucki and Samantha Sayre
This June, for the first time, UF COE students will do an exchange with Japanese students from the University of Fukui. The three participating students will share the process of preparing for this trip, which will include teaching Japanese students in grades 1 through 6 and getting to know the Japanese education system.

College of Pharmacy

Medication Adherence Among University Students

Matthew Houdi, Joe Dwomor, Douglass Agobin and Yahya Al Ansari
The purpose of this study is to gather baseline data regarding student prescription medication adherence through a survey and also analyze the data to determine what specific factors may correlate to overall adherence. We will utilize the data to perhaps provide effective recommendations to maximize therapeutic outcomes.

Combatting Chemical Dependency: A Community Effort

Mackenzie McClure, Eric Manning, and Bailey Hryczyk
Local and regional professionals were enlisted to present expert perspectives on substance abuse issue s to an audience of community members and students. The goal of the course was to discuss the problems and explore potential solutions. Assessment surveys were used to gauge the audience’s comprehension of the material.

Thyroid Medication Therapies in Patients

Alexandra Van Hoy, Morgan Barnum, Alexis Gremling, Taylor Allen
The purpose of conducting this study is to look for correlations between the dose of thyroid medication each patient is taking and how they are taking it. We conducted surveys consisting of questions regarding participants’ thyroid medication. Our goal is to find areas for pharmacist intervention to improve patient outcomes.

Service and Community Engagement

Call to Action: A Multitude of Homelessness Misconceptions

Joy Dolejs and Sabrina Braunlich
On any given night in the United States, approximately 565,000 people experience homelessness. The topic of homelessness has many misconceptions that surround it including addiction, education, and mental illness. Our presentation will serve to resolve and clarify some of these stereotypes that many do not understand.