​​​Accommodations Available​

​​​Accommodations are established to ensure equal access to campus. Listed below are examples of common accommodations.
  • Amplification equipment 
  • Assistive Technology
  • Audio Book
  • Equipment - Digital recorders, magnification equipment, four-track players, TTY's, FM amplification systems, etc.
  • Housing accommodations – including Emotional Support Animals and accessible housing
  • Letters of introduction to faculty members
  • Notetakers 
  • Priority registration 
  • Sign Language Interpreters/Closed Captioning
  • Test-taking accommodations

The following are not accommodations, but available to all students to support their academic success in the Academic Support Center:
  • Group Tutoring and Drop-in Tutoring hours
  • Study skills consultation
  • Test taking skills consultation
  • Writing Center services are provided in the College of Business and Student Life Building