​​Accessibility and Inclusion ​​​​​​​​Campus Resources

Academic Support Center - A wonderful resource on campus to help you with your success in the classroom.  FREE tutoring, study skills & writing center opportunities.  Location: #45 Old Main or call 419-434-4697. 

Business Office- Need to pay your bill or check your charges?  The business office is located on the 1st floor of Old Main or call 419-434- 4690 to get your questions answered. 

Counseling Services - Free and confidential counseling services will help you with any emotional disturbances, anxiety or depression.  The office is located at 307 Frazer St. or call 419-434-4526 to make an appointment. 

Financial Aid Office - To confirm or learn about financial aid opportunities stop by the Financial Aid Office located on the 1st floor of Old Main.  If you need to speak to a financial aid counselor call 419-434-4792.

Health Center - Need to see a doctor or a nurse because you're not feeling well?   FREE health checks are available in the Cosiano Health Center located at 120 West Foulke Ave. or call 419-434-4550 for an appointment.

Oiler Success Center - Need some help dealing with homesickness? Roommates?  Advising issues?  Need some questions answered?  Call  419-434-4068.

Registrar's Office - Need to check your schedule?  Get a transcript?  Transfer credits?  Stop by the Registrar's Office located in the basement of Old Main or call 419-434-4556 to get your questions answered.

Security - Need to pick up a parking pass?  Any permanent or temporary disability parking concerns can be handled through the Office of Accessibility and Inclusion.  The Security office is located in Lovett Hall.  If you have any campus emergencies call 419-434-4799.

Student Services & On-Campus Housing - Housing accommodations for individuals with disabilities will need to be confirmed during your admission process.  Not all campus housing is handicapped accessible.  Please complete housing accommodation form in the Office of Accessibility and Inclusion.  Any other questions regarding housing can be answered at the Student Affairs Office.  They are located on the 1st floor of Old Main.