​​​​​​Emergency Evacuation

Recommendations for persons with disabilities or persons who provide assistance to persons with disabilities are included in the following list:

A. Contact the Office of Accommodation and Inclusion in advance to discuss building evacuation procedures for individuals with disabilities.

B. In advance, identify and be familiar with at least two exit routes from every area and building you occupy. An emergency exit route should not include an elevator.

C. In advance, identify possible volunteers, such as classmates, faculty, or fellow workers who are willing and able to assist you to evacuate. Make specific arrangements for their assistance.

D. If you are unable to exit a building, contact the UF Department of Safety and Security or civil authorities or arrange for others to inform the UF Department of Safety and Security or civil authorities of your location.

E. Know the safest method people could use to assist you. Know how many people you need to provide that assistance.

F. If you use a wheelchair, be prepared to explain how and where persons should support you. Practice instructions beforehand.

G. If you have difficulty being understood, develop a card containing all appropriate instructions and carry it with you.

H. Carry a loud whistle or similar device you can operate for use in the event you become trapped.

I. Individuals who need to work in isolated areas after normal building occupancy hours should determine telephone availability. If a telephone is not available, they should contact the UF Department of Safety and Security in advance and provide their location and occupancy times.