​Testing Center Information

The Testing Center is a service that is provided to faculty to assist them with:

  • special testing accommodations for students who are registered with the Office of Accessibility and Inclusion.
  • make-up testing or early testing for students who have been excused from the classroom testing time and have made arrangements with a faculty member to test in the Testing Center.
The Testing Center is also a test proctoring site for non-UF tests.  A $25.00 fee is required for all testing that is not associated with a University of Findlay course.  This fee must be paid before 4:00 pm at the Business Office the day of the desired test.

The Testing Center is committed to providing a secure environment for faculty to have tests monitored.  Tests are monitored by Academic Support Center or Office of Disability Services staff members.  Test sessions are monitored with the use of security cameras and TV monitors. Sessions are recorded and are available for review by faculty.

Students are responsible for scheduling their test appointments at least 24 hours prior to the test date.  Monday appointments need to made before 5:00 the Friday before.

To schedule, please call 419-434-5122.

Test Center Rules

  1. Students should arrive at least 5 minutes before scheduled appointment to complete required paperwork. The time allotted for a test begins at the scheduled appointment time. Instructors must approve rescheduled appointments. 
  2. A valid photo ID is required to test. 
  3. Personal needs should be attended to before starting the exam. If a staff member has given permission for a student to leave the testing room that student’s testing time does not stop to accommodate time out of the testing room. 
  4. All personal belongings including cell phones and other electronics are to be turned off and left in the locker. 
  5. Hats must be removed and left with personal items. 
  6. Only those materials required for the test are to be on the table. 
  7. The Test Taker is not to talk or distract other students. 
  8. The monitor has the right to investigate if he/she believes that the Test Taker is cheating. 
  9. Irregularities or problems observed by the monitor will be reported to the instructor and reported to Academic Affairs for review. 
  10. Tests are monitored by a staff member with the use of a security camera and TV monitor. All tests are videotaped and are available for faculty to review.