​​​​​Note Taking Procedures

  1. Students needing note-taking services need to be registered with the Office of Accommodation and Inclusion.  Notetaking services will be implemented 2 - 4 weeks upon initial request.

  2. Accommodation and Inclusion staff will confirm class schedule and notetaker needs with students.

  3. OAI staff will provide the name of the note taker via email or phone.

  4. It is the student's responsibility to attend every class. If there is to be an absence due to illness the OAI Staff will need to be notified that same day to approve notes to be received.

  5. The notes will be available directly after class or within 24 hours. The note taker may pass them at the end of class if using the carbon notebook or within 24 hours if copying and leaving them in the folders in the Office of Accommodation and Inclusion.

  6. If services are not meeting your satisfaction please notify the OAI staff as soon as possible.

  7. If you drop a class, please contact the OAI staff as soon as possible.