​​Test Taking Procedures

​1. The director will approve each student's use of the testing center when arranging accommodations per semester.
2. It is the students' responsibility to make the test appointment with the OAI office one (1) business day prior to the scheduled test/quiz. Appointments can be made by calling the office (419-434-5122), scheduling in person, or raising an “I need an accommodation exam” flag on Starfish.

3. It is the students' responsibility to inform each professor of testing center appointments. An email notification will be sent to the professor and student when the appointment is scheduled. A professor may choose to use an office or classroom close to him/her for testing accommodations, the student can choose not to test in that area if they prefer the testing center.

4. Please arrive on time for your scheduled appointment and be prepared to take the test upon arrival. You must show a photo ID (school or government-issued) for verification. 

5. All students taking tests in the testing center will be monitored and recorded via video camera. Professors will be informed of any suspicious behavior. All academic dishonesty is reported directly to Academic Affairs for review.

6. Tests/quizzes will be returned to the professor and grades will be determined and recorded by the professor.

7. If we are not meeting your accommodation needs, please inform a staff member as soon as possible.