​​​​​​Food Meeting Request Form

Food Meeting Request Process:

  • Visit https://ufcatering.catertrax.com/
  • Make your Guest Count the number of active club members within your club
  • Event name should be “*Your club* Food Meeting”
  • Proceed to checkout, select “University Purchase Order”, and Process This Order
  • Please wait 48-72 hours for Catering to receive and review your request. Catering will send you an email with your Sodexo quote. This quote should have a black pin and “Pending Payment Info” on it
  • Fill out this Food Meeting Request Form
  • The Number of Current Active Club members and Guest Count on your Sodexo quote should match
  • The Requested Sodexo Amount and the Balance Due on your Sodexo quote should match
  • Please attach the Official Sodexo Quote that catering emailed you
  • Submit the food meeting request and await for approval from your adviser, facilities, and SGA

All Food Meeting Requests should be turned in at least two (2) weeks prior to your intended food meeting date.