​​​​​​​​​SGA Budgetary Forms & Information

The Student Government Association is responsible for allocating its portion of the Student Activity Fee to registered student organiza​-tions primarily to support on campus activities, leadership development and campus improvements. 

According to the SGA Constitution and Bylaws​​, in order for an organization to be eligible for SGA funding in a given semester:

(i) The student organization must register (activate) and provide a membership roster​ to the Student Activities Office.
(ii) The student organization must provide a current constitution to both SGA and the Student Activities Office.
(iii) Two (2) student organization officers must attend Board of President's (BOP) when held. The following restrictions apply:
                    (1) Students shall not represent more than one club or organization at BOP.
                    (2) Student representatives are required to stay the entire duration of BOP.
                    (3) SGA members are not able to represent another student organization at BOP.

(i) In order for an organization to remain eligible for funding in a given semester:
                    (1) The student organization must fulfill all stipulations SGA assigns to a specific allocation.
                    (2) A completed "Event Summa​ry​ Form"​ must be submitted to SGA within 48 hours after the event.

University & Student Government Forms can be found in the Student L​eader's Resource Center.​ Forms found within the resource center include the budget request form, the agreement to participate form, the UF emergency information form for student trips, the fundraiser permit policy & form, the tax exempt form, the W-9 form & the off-campus​ event budget request form

​Questions? Contact SGA at 419-434-4849; [email protected] or stop by Office #8 in the AMU. ​