​SGA Funding Criteria

In order for an organization to be eligible for funding in an upcoming semester:
  • The student organization must complete the Student Organization Activation Form​ ​and Student Organiz​ation Membership Roster​ with the Student Activities Office.
  • The student organization must have a current, most updated copy of their approved constitution on file with Student Government Association and the Student Activities Office.
  • Two organization officers must attend the Board of Presidents leadership development training session held in the first three (3) weeks of each semester.
In order for an organization to remain eligible for funding in a given semester:
  • The student organization must fulfill all stipulations SGA assigns to a specific allocation.
  • A completed “Agreeme​nt to Pa​rtici​​pate​”​​ form must be submitted for each participant prior to an SGA funded event if so stipulated.
  • A completed Event Summary Form​ must be submitted online to SGA no later than 48 hours after the SGA funded event.
The following items will not be approved for funding or reimbursement at a Student Government Association meeting:
  • Costs associated with events held or commitments made prior to official approval by SGA.
  • Conference registration fees, attendance costs, and/or travel costs
  • Food/hospitality at events not open to all of campus
  • Public audience events.
  • Off-campus events

Funding of event wear, equipment, organizational wear, and promotional items are subject to the following:

  • Funding of event wear or other give-a-way (i.e. t-shirts for a specific program) will only be considered if an organization obtains a price quote via the UF Bookstore, and provides the design of the items. Additionally, they will only be funded one time per semester for an organization.
  • Funding requests for equipment will be considered on a case by case basis. SGA will only allocate funds if it is determined that the equipment requested is essential and that it will not be provided by the University. Any equipment purchased with SGA funds must remain on campus so that it can be accounted for at any time. Three price quotes must be provided.
  • Organizational Wear cannot be funded by SGA.

Food at meetings:

  • Organizations may be allocated up to a maximum of $5.00 per person to have food at their club’s regular meetings; however, no club/organization may be allocated SGA funds for the purchase of food at regular club meetings more than TWO times in one semester.
  • Requests must be submitted through the Food Meeting Request Form online, and an officially placed quote from the Sodexo Catering office is required.

Advisors, Faculty, Staff:

  • Faculty and Staff will be welcomed to events at no cost (unless students are charged for the event), but may not receive any form of prizes or give-a-ways.
  • Organization advisors may receive an article of event wear from an event sponsored by an organization they advise.

Community service activities:

  • SGA will only consider paying for event wear and food for students and advisors participating in philanthropy/community service projects. No other expenses for philanthropic/community service projects will be paid for.


  • Only special events which may include a fundraising activity may be considered for funding from SGA. Please review the SGA Constitution for complete fundraising guidelines for special events.
  • The organization must fill out a Fundraiser Permit Form​ and receive ap​proval prior to making a request.