College of Science brings together expert faculty in disciplines at the center of applied sciences

One of the largest colleges at The University of Findlay, the college is home to many of UF's stand-out programs. The academic departments encompass a range of physical, mathematical, environmental and life sciences.

Our programs include:

College of Science
Findlay science professors play a major role in the lives of their students. Read our  article,  "Keeping in Touch" to see how UF grads continue to reach out to their mentors.

The University of Findlay provides a rich learning environment to promote student engagement. In addition to modern classrooms and laboratories, our science facilities include special molecular research laboratories, a 46-acre Rieck Center for Habitat Studies, The Newhard Planetarium and the All Hazards Training Center.

female student in biochemistry laboratory

All of our programs provide many opportunities for students to interact with faculty both in and outside of the classroom. They can participate in undergraduate research in the field and labs, internships, clubs and community services.