​Science of Chemistry and Light Programming


For All Age Groups

Molecularium, the award-winning digital dome experience, is a science lesson, a thrill-ride, and a magical musical adventure in a world of atoms and molecules. Aboard the Molecularium, audiences join a cast of atomic characters on an immersive and unforgettable adventure into the nanoscale universe. Explore billions and trillions of atoms and molecules with Oxy, a precocious oxygen atom, and Hydro and Hydra, her wacky hydrogen pals. Ride from the atomic structure of a snowflake to the far reaches of space aboard the Molecularium, the most fantastic ship in the Universe. In the digital dome adventure Molecularium, audiences are transported into the world of atoms, where they learn about the water cycle, the three states of matter, and that everything is made of atoms and molecules. Aligned with national science standards in primary school learning, educational assessment has shown that Molecularium truly helps kids learn. Molecularium brings kids on a musical cartoon adventure into a nanoscale universe created from accurate molecular simulations. They travel into a cloud, watch a snowflake form, and count the number of water molecules in a raindrop. 

Description provided by film producer - Loch Ness Productions


Grades 3 and Up

This immersive, 360° infotainment film showcased the many facets of light and how it can be put to use. View the flat screen version below. 


Grades 5 and Up

A Photon’s Journey Across Space and Mind is a 22-minute full-immersion planetarium program, which uses hemispheric animations and video to teach how human vision works. Imagery from all over the world including humanity, landscapes, skyscapes, wildlife and of space are the backdrop for photo-realistic animations to create the story of a photon’s journey from the belly of a star, across the galaxy, to a young stargazer’s eye. The photon’s journey is completed when it’s energy is converted into an electrochemical impulse that then travels the neural pathways of the brain and the various centers that create the image the mind sees.

The Cosmic Origins Spectrograph 

Grades 7 and Up

See the cosmos through the Hubble Space Telescope's exquisite ultraviolet instrument, from hot young stars to distant quasars.

A 30-minute full-dome film highlighting the current research of Cosmic Origin Spectrograph (C.O.S.) aboard the Hubble Space Telescope, the last instrument installed by the NASA astronauts. C.O.S. is allowing us an unprecedented view into the vast spaces between galaxies which surrounds our own Milky Way.  Join us in the exploration of this hidden universe as we decode the secrets to the origins of the cosmos.

The show covers the basics of spectroscopy at a high level and touches on the processing of galactic and extragalactic gas. Other topics include the use of quasars as background light sources, cosmic evolution, and the development of large-scale structure.

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