​​Mission and Goals

The College of Sciences Mission:

We, the faculty and staff of the College of Sciences, provide students with a rigorous, broad foundation in the sciences, teach them to question critically, communicate effectively, think globally and live ethically. These foundations will equip students to enter their chosen profession or pursue advanced studies.

The College of Sciences Learning Goals:​

We provide the resources and opportunities for graduates of the College of Sciences to:

1)  Demonstrate mastery of discipline specific theoretical knowledge, and possess analytical and problem-solving skills required for graduate study, professional school or gainful employment within scientific fields. {knowledge & skill}​

2) Conduct themselves in an ethical manner concerning their specific discipline’s use of theoretical and applied knowledge. {disposition}

3) Understand the role of the sciences and mathematics in society and its impact in furthering human understanding of the world. {disposition & knowledge}

4)  Develop intellectual curiosity and the ability to use this characteristic to drive lifelong learning. {disposition & knowledge}

5) Demonstrate communication skills and professionalism needed to function in the workforce, advanced studies and professional organizations. {skill & disposition}