At the University of Findlay, we do not offer a major in physics, but it fulfills requirements for many of our majors, including:

  • Pre-veterinary medicine

  • Animal science

  • Physical therapy​

  • Physician's assistant

Our own planetarium!

photo of the newhard planetarium​UF offers algebra-based physics as well as astronomy. Students in the astronomy course become familiar with Newhard Planetarium. The Planetarium's new digital star projector allows for the demonstration of more advanced astronomical concepts in class.

Other physics courses offered at UF include general physics, calculus based physics, physics for health sciences and advanced topics.

Useful skills

Employment skills developed through the study of physics include:

  • Solving technical problems

  • Technical writing

  • Quality control

  • Project management

  • Design and development

  • Programming

  • Simulation or modeling

For more information, contact [email protected].