​​​​​​​​Welcome from the Dean​​​​

College of Science Dean Jeffery FryeI am pleased to introduce the University of Findlay's College of Sciences to you. We hope to bring the world of science and critical thinking to you in a way that helps you find your passion and sets you on the path to a successful career in the sciences.

The college is comprised of seven departments each offering its respective bachelor of science degree:

If you are interested in Pre-medicine, there are two degree options to follow in the college. Click on Biology or Chemistry to explore either of these degree options.

Facilities used by the programs mentioned above include: 

  • Frost/Brewer Science Hall 

  • The new west wing addition to The Davis Street Building 

  • The James L. Child, Jr. Equestrian Complex  

  • The Dr. C. Richard Beckett Animal Science Building, and 

  • The Western Equestrian Facility

Found in each of these buildings are instrumentation and equipment currently used by professionals in each field. Use of the tools of the profession gives students the hands-on learning so important for being competitive in today's career fields.

A sense of adventure and challenge permeates the College of Sciences, as transformation moves teaching and research toward modern 21st Century science, technology, engineering, and mathematics goals. 

The changes are driven by self-assessment and monitored by rigorous peer review. The faculty and administration within the college believe that a strong curriculum builds character, especially when it is coupled with excellent facilities, caring support, excellent teaching, and ample opportunities for personal challenges and rewards.

Whether your goal is to participate in equestrian competitions, work in the animal care industry, analyze evidence from a crime scene, study mismatched repair mechanisms in DNA, program and manage computer technology, investigate a better way to degrade hazardous wastes, sustain a natural resource, or enter medical, veterinary or graduate school, the College of Sciences at the University of Findlay can help you with your goal. 

During your academic journey the faculty offer insight in dealing with global issues, leadership to motivate and inspire others, strong communication skills, and the ability to apply your scientific knowledge to make a better world for yourself and others.

I hope in the near future I can welcome you in person to the University of Findlay and especially the College of Sciences!

Jeffrey L. Frye, Ph.D.,

Dean, College of Sciences
University of Findlay