Find the world around you fascinating? Consider courses in geology!

​If you have a natural curiosity about how the world and its systems have developed, you'll enjoy ​the study of geology.  

Defined as "the scientific study of the origin, history and structure of the earth," geology incorporates the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to display and analyze data as a function of geographic location.

Growing opportunities!

There is a growing demand for professional geologists, according to the American Geosciences Institute.  

Geo​log​​​ists​ study:

  • Earth​ material (including oil, metal and rocks)

  • Earth processes (landslides, earthquakes and floods)

  • Earth history, including climate change and historical geology

Individuals with training in geology often are employed in the mineral resource sector, or in the areas of government, the environment or education. According to geology.com​, starting salaries for geologists range from $50,000-$100,000 annually.

At Findlay, we do not offer a major in geology, but offer courses that support majors in education, biology and environmental, safety and occupational health management.​

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