​​​​​Forms 'R Us!​

Listed below are links to the most utilized forms on campus.  Feel free to suggest a form that you would like to see listed here by contacting Rebecca Jenkins at jenkinsr1@findlay.edu, or ext. 5692.


Add/Drop Form

Advising Forms

Course Combination Form

Course Fee Request Form

Course Update, Program Update, Curriculum Review and Syllabus Template

Expense Report

Faculty Development Proposal Application

Parking Permit Registration

Poster Presentation Print Request Form

Schedule Revision Form

Syllabus Template

Testing Center - Request for Student to Take a Test

Time Expectation Form

Transient Approval Form



Injured Person's Report of Injury

Background Verification Form (HR)

Business Card Order Form

Catering Order Form

Change of Address

Creative Services Request (CSR)

Credit Card Report

Direct Deposit Agreement

Employee Entertainment Report

Expense Report

Maintenance Request

Mazza Museum Tour Request

Motor Vehicle Release Form

Parking Permit Registration

Photo Services Request Form

Print Shop Print Request Form

Requisition Form

State and School Form

Tuition Remission

Vehicle Reservation Form - 2016

W4 Form - 2017



Add/Drop Form

Agreement to Participate Form

Emergency Information

Fund Raiser Permit

Intramural Liability Waiver

Oiler Connection Job Board

Organization Expense Report

Student Government Budget Request

Student Teaching Forms & Lesson Plans

Study Abroad Checklist

Tracking Form for Service Hours

Tracking Group Service Hours

Transient Approval

Travel Abroad Information Form


International Students

F2 Dependent Form

Program Extension Form

Reduced Course Load Form

Transfer Out Form