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The Center for Career & Professional Development can help you connect with our UF students and alumni whether you are seeking interns, entry-level or experienced personnel. We encourage you to schedule a meeting with our professional staff to develop a recruiting strategy customized for your needs. Please email [email protected] or call 419-434-4665 to schedule a meeting today.

Ways to Engage with Students

Part-time positions can be posted by clicking the button above and completing our job vacancy form. Many students work part-time (10-30 hours per week) while attending classes. These positions do not require a degree and are not necessarily related to the student's program of study.

Job shadowing allows current students to shadow a UF alum or employer in the local community. As a shadow host, you will be able to share valuable, industry-related knowledge and have a direct impact on UF students.

Internship/Co-op opportunities should look and feel decidedly different than other part-time, full-time, or temporary positions in your organization in that there is a distinct connection to the student's academic program and learning experience.

Information Table allows your company an opportunity to host a table with promotional material in a heavily populated student area. Please complete and submit the Information Table Form if you would like to reserve a table.

For tips to develop a stellar internship program at your organization, check out our Best Internship Checklist. Also, to ensure your internship is following federal regulations, refer to the Fair Labor Standards Act. Each internship is evaluated on a mid-term and final basis. The internship supervisor will receive the evaluations via email.

Full-time opportunities can also be filled through the University of Findlay. These positions can be submitted and recruited for in the same way as internships.

Are there differences to hiring international students? 

The University of Findlay attracts students from more than 40 countries and most of them enter the U.S. with student visas allowing them to pursue full-time studies that are often complemented by employment in their field of study. Click here or the button below to view our guide for hiring international students.

Recruiting Policies & Dates

To understand the University's standards regarding recruitment of UF students, refer to our Recruiting Policies. For information about dates to keep in mind as you're recruiting UF students, refer to our IMPORTANT RECRUITING DATES FOR 2023 2024.


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If you have any questions or need further information, please call 419-434-4665 or email [email protected].