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​We recognize that you can't always make it into the office to work on your resume or prepare for a job interview with one of our counselors. So, we wanted to give you bite-sized videos that can help get you going.​ Explore our instructional and resource videos using the filter tool below. You can also access the full Center for Career and Professional Development YouTube​ playlist by clicking the button below. 

Explore CCPD full library of resource videos:


Video Interview Prep | Educators

​ Video Interview Prep | Educators​

Center for Career & Professional Development

​Center for Career & Professional Development​

Design Your Own Video Interview on Standout

Design Your Own Video Interview on Standout​​

Developing Your Elevator Pitch | Educators

​Developing Your Elevator Pitch | Educators ​

How to Make Your Resume Stand Out

​​How to Make Your Resume Stand Out​

Job Search

​Job Search ​

Negotiating Your Job Offer

​Negotiating Your Job Offer​

Negotiation - Best Practices

​Negotiation - Best Practices​​

Negotiation - How to Handle the Big Questions

​Negotiation - How to Handle the Big Questions​

Networking - Best Practices

​Networking - Best Practices​

Remote Work Strategies - Backgrounds and Etiquette

​Remote Work Strategies -  Backgrounds and Etiquette​

Remote Work Strategies - Disability Awareness

Remote Work Strategies - Disability Awareness​

Remote Work Strategies - How to Dress

Remote Work Strategies - How to Dress​

Remote Work Strategies - Tips

​Remote Work Strategies - Tips​

Resume Crash Course Overview

​​Resume Crash Course Overview​​​

Setting Up a Standout Account

​Setting Up a Standout Account​

Should I Attend the Job Fair?

​​Should I Attend the Job Fair?​

Standing Out During the Application Process

​​Standing Out During the Application Process​

Student Testimonial

​Student Testimonial​

What are Zoom Interviews?

​What are Zoom Interviews?​

What is Networking?

​​What is Networking?​

What is Personal Branding?

​​What is Personal Branding?​

What is Professionalism?

​​What is Professionalism?​

Why Teachers Need an Elevator Pitch | Educators

​​​Why Teachers Need an Elevator Pitch | Educator​s