​​​​​​Senior​ Career Development

Welcome seniors! Now is the time to finish polishing your application materials and refining your professional brand. The resources below are meant to guide you in your transition out of college and into the workforce. We strongly encourage you to take this step in your career seriously, as we are invested in your success and want to see you lead meaningful lives and productive careers.


You might be wondering...

"How should I begin my transition out of college and into the workforce?"
Schedule an appointment with a CCPD counselor to review and polish your application material: Having clean and polished application material is essential. We are here to provide guidance on how to best present yourself through this material.

"Should I update my social media pages?"
Yes! Update your LinkedIn profile and clean up all social media outlets. 70% of employers use social media to help screen applicants before making their hiring decision. Let us help you ensure they see the best you.

"How do I identify potential employers I might want to work for?"
Complete a Job Search priority list. The LAMP list, taken from the 2-Hour Job Search, will help streamline your process and give you clear direction and focus on where to give your attention. Schedule an appointment to review this process.

"Should I attend a career fair?"
Yes! Attending a career fair will expose you to several different employers that you can interact with. Some employers do same-day interviews so it is important to take advantage of these opportunities.

"Can I get help with my interview skills?"
Absolutely! The interview is often what seals the deal with employers. We want you to be well prepared and feel confident during this step in the process. Schedule a mock interview with us.

What other resources are available for me?