​​​​Prospective Graduate Students​

Are you thinking about graduate school? Before jumping into the grad-school journey, take some time to think about the commitment of time, money, and energy required in making this decision. Below are some questions to consider prior to exploring graduate school options. If you determine that graduate school is the next best step for you, set up an appointment with a counselor to discuss which options best suit your circumstance. Gograd.org encourages students to consider the following reasons to apply for graduate school.

Best reasons to attend graduate school:

A graduate degree is necessary for entry into a chosen field. 
Some of the fastest growing careers requiring a graduate degree today include marriage and family therapist, physical therapist, occupational therapist and healthcare social worker. Other career fields that typically require a master's or doctoral degree include law, medicine and education administration.

A graduate degree is important for upward mobility and increased earning potential in a chosen profession. 
While not necessarily required for entry into a field, a master's or doctoral degree may lead to upward career mobility and/or higher pay. This isn't always the case, however, so if earning more money and moving up the corporate ladder are your only reasons for heading off to graduate school, be sure that your profession requires a graduate degree for promotions and raises. Occupations where a higher degree may mean more cash and mobility include marketing, software engineering, database administration, management and business administration.

A graduate degree is necessary to make a wanted career change. 
Sometimes an associate or bachelor's degree in a broadly inclusive subject provides a good starting point for entry into the job market. However, many workers soon realize that their initial choice of occupation offers limited growth or job satisfaction. The answer to transitioning to a better career path may be a master's or doctoral degree.

Passion for the subject. 
Passion is often overlooked, but it may be the best reason of all. Earning a graduate degree in a subject you're passionately interested in can be your greatest reward, and it could lead to professional benefits that are entirely unexpected.

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