​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Student Resources

​Career Development Handbook

The CCPD staff created this resource for students. The handbook walks you through each of your four years here and offers recommendations regarding each year's professional development activities. There is also a robust resources section that provides plenty of resume samples, cover letter samples, negotiating tips, and so much more. You are required to sign in to view your handbook


Video interviewing is becoming a more common practice within the hiring process. This platform (free and available to you as a current student and alumni) allows you to practice, get feedback, and practice some more. *Be sure to use your UF email address to log in.*

CCPD Career Closet

We are proud to offer the Career Closet as a valuable resource available to UF students. For a small fee, students can rent professional attire* for an interview, job fair or special event.

​Rent Professional Attire​​

  • After finding the appropriate outfit during the a​ppointment, you will be asked to sign the Career Closet contract.  
  • Return the clothing to the CCPD (113 Old Main) by the agreed upon date along with your $5.

*The Career Closet does not offer shoes.

Career Closet  clothes in a closetsuits in a closet

Professional Headshot (FREE service)professional picture

  • Dress professionally and show up to the CCPD at your scheduled time. 
  • Susan will take a few different shots and show them to you for your approval.
  • Susan will send your finalized headshot to you via email. She strives to turn them around within a day or two, though depending on traffic, it may be delayed slightly.

Informational Sites

These are sites that might be of use to you.