​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Washington Center Experience

Take your professional development to the next level

For more than 20 years, the University of Findlay has partnered with The Washington Center to provide top-notch experiential learning opportunities for our students. Participating in The Washington Center experience is an investment in your personal and professional future. If you're interested in participating, we encourage you to discuss the ​possibility with your academic adviser, Financial Aid counselor, family, and our campus liaison to TWC, Brad Hammer.

If you are looking for an amazing intercultural internship and leadership opportunity, we encourage you to consider The Washington Center Experience.

"My time with the Washington Center program was an astounding experience. The Washington Center and my internship with the U.S. Marshals guided me in the right direction of what career path I want to take...I would recommend TWC to any student looking for a new adventure and to truly get a feel for what career path you are interested in. The University of Findlay equips students for meaningful lives and productive careers. The Washington Center is the bridge between higher education and professional careers."

- Logan Bosely, Summer 2018 Participant

Senior | Criminal Justice

About the Program

The Washington Center experience is more than an amazing internship in the D.C. area. The program consists of three major components:

1) The Internship 
The Washington Center serves students in most academic majors with interests in a wide variety of fields. These include the government, nonprofit and business arenas as well as many others that may partially overlap with them—the worlds of media and communications, science and technology, law and criminal justice, and international affairs. TWC guarantees internship placement. Click here to see recent internship sites of TWC interns. You'll participate in your internship four full days per week.

2) The LEAD Colloquium 
By taking part in the LEAD Colloquium every Friday, you get to hear from and engage with professionals in a variety of settings. LEAD stands for Leadership, Engagement, Achievement and Development. Depending on the week, your syllabus will include: LEAD Small Groups, Speaker Series, Civic Engagement, Career Boot Camp, Global Connections Forum (fall and spring only).

3) An Academic Course 
You'll be able to choose one from up to 25 courses typically offered each semester or summer. All courses meet for three hours one night a week but are otherwise like courses taught at UF. The courses are led by highly qualified faculty who are dedicated teachers. They are grounded in traditional disciplines yet taught within the context of the wide array of resources offered in Washington, D.C. Click here​ to learn more.

"My TWC experience during the fall of 2017 helped mold me into the young professional I am today. My assigned internship adviser took the time to get to know me and what I wanted to do, which landed me in a great internship at the Metropolitan Police Department. Living in the nation's capital, I was exposed to a vast array of diversity and got a chance to meet many of my TWC classmates from all around the world. I would most definitely recommend this program for the experience and the networking opportunity to help build a professional career."

- Morgan James, Fall 2017 Participant

UF alumna | Forensic Science & Biology


​To be eligible to participate in The Washington Center program, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be at least 18 years of age at the time of participation.
  • Be at least a sophomore (junior or senior status recommended).
  • Have at least a 2.75 GPA.
  • Be enrolled full time at UF.
  • Have approval of Brad Hammer​, director of the CCPD and liaison to TWC.

“Interning in Washington, D.C. through the Washington Center was one of the best decisions I could have made…I learned about myself in a professional way that I had never experienced, but I also learned more about what I want to do and what my options are. Doing this internship opened a lot of doors and resources that I never thought possible. One thing I wish I knew before I left is that you are braver than you think."

- Bethany Bergerson, Fall 2016 Participant 

UF alumna | Forensic Science


The below table outlines the specific costs due to The Washington Center and UF for participation in the program. However, note that travel and living expenses are not included. Keep this in mind when budgeting and considering whether or not to apply to the program.

During the academic year, your Financial Aid (not merit/campus aid) can be applied to the cost of the program. Students who participate during the summer semester often either save up for the cost, or take out a private loan. Contact your Financial Aid counselor for more information. TWC also has some scholarship opportunities to help ease the financial burden of participating in the program.​

​Semester of Participation
TWC Application Fee
​Program Fee
​Housing Fee
​UF Fee
​Summer 2020
​$60 (use code APPLY2020 to waive fee)
​Fall 2020
​$60 (use code APPLY2020 to waive fee)

*The summer term is approximately 4-5 weeks shorter than the academic year terms.

UF/TWC Application Process

If you are interested in participating in The Washington Center Experience, please refer to our UF Application Checklist to ensure you're hitting the necessary timeline benchmarks for the desired semester of participation.

Application Deadlines
The below dates outline the TWC application deadline. Keep in mind that the pre-application through the CCPD needs to happen first, so allow yourself enough time to complete all of the necessary steps and application materials.

Try to make the early deadline, if possible. Once accepted to TWC, the next steps of the process can begin. Therefore, applying earlier will make you more competitive for your D.C. internship. Additionally, meeting the early deadline will make you more competitive to receive some of TWC's internal financial aid.

​Semester of Participation
Early Deadline​
Regular Deadline​
​Spring 2022
​October 6, 2021
​November 3, 2021

​Summer 2022

​February 16, 2022
​March 16, 2022

​Fall 2022

​April 6, 2022

​May 4, 2022

“I interned on Capitol Hill with the Office of Congressman Moolenaar. My favorite part about my experience was my internship site. I feel that the work that I was able to do was very educational and offered me the opportunity to really apply the things that I learned in class in a professional environment. I also found the staff at my site to be very helpful and willing to offer any advice. This experience has helped to prepare for my career in politics by allowing me to gain a first-hand experience of the legislative process. This is knowledge that I will use for the rest of my career, and is something that will make me a valuable employee. I also had the opportunity to really find myself and discover what I am passionate about enough to make my career."

- Nicole Jennings, Fall 2016 Participant