​​​Loop Abroad and University of Findlay Partnership

University of Findlay has been named the school of record for Loop Abroad, an organization that collaborates with world-renowned conservationists to offer unparalleled study-abroad trips for students pursuing careers working with animals. The partnership now enables UF students and students from other institutions, to earn college credit through the program while studying exotic species around the world.​​

What is Loop Abroad?​

Loop Abroad 11.JPGLoop Abroad is a student travel organization that began with a singular mission: provide the best hands-on study abroad for students pursuing careers working with animals. They have done this by partnering with world-renowned conservationists in their efforts to protect endangered animals and have remained committed to global animal welfare since 2009.  

What is the relationship between Findlay and Loop Abroad?

The University of Findlay is the School of Record for Loop Abroad. This means that Findlay documents and awards credit hours to college students participating in the program, who can then transfer the credits to their home university. In this role, Findlay is responsible for verifying the academic integrity of the program in addition to providing properly trained faculty who can evaluate the program in alignment with Higher Learning Commission guidelines​​.


Why are Findlay and Loop Abroad Partnering?

With transformative experiences and diverse perspectives as part of Findlay's core values as well as being home to a nationally renowned Animal Science Program​, Findlay's partnership with Loop Abroad is a natural fit. For the past decade, Findlay has sent students through the program to receive highly interactive and rewarding learning opportunities, and according to Loop Abroad executive director Addam Stine, their performance provided an incentive for Loop Abroad to select Findlay as the School of Record. 

“For the last several years, Loop Abroad has welcomed a large contingent of UF pre-vet students. Loop veterinarians have always been extremely impressed with the practical skills and animal knowledge UF students have shown in the field," said Stine. “Loop Abroad and UF both value the importance of getting pre-vets hands-on experience early in their studies, and the establishment of UF as the School of Record for Loop Abroad is a natural progression of the relationship that will make Loop programs more accessible to all students."

​What Does the Loop Abroad Program Entail?

Loop Abroad provides opportunities in Thailand, the Amazon Rain Forest/Galapagos, South Africa, and Australia. Participants will have hands-on learning opportunities focused on subjects such as wildlife handling, elephant husbandry, and marine conservation while gaining invaluable cross-cultural experiences. Conservationists affiliated with Loop Abroad are committed to endangered species protection and global animal welfare, which distinguishes this program as a strong ethical and environmental endeavor.


For questions about the Loop Abroad program and transferring credit, contact Findlay's Registrar Office at [email protected].