​​​​​​​Eligibility Information

The following eligibility requirements pertain to all students engaged in activities in which they represent The University of Findlay. 

Such activities include the following applies to minimum progress: A) intercollegiate competitive activities; B) performing arts events; and C) campus media (to include editorial positions, staff, managerial roles and disc jockeys). 

1.  Students must satisfy all appropriate intercollegiate eligibility requirements.


2.  Students must maintain normal progress toward graduation, as defined by the minimum progress standards stated in the University catalog. Any st​udent designated as being on probation is ineligible to participate in the activities listed above. Students on probation and students readmitted after academic suspension will be ineligible for participation until their grade point is above the level of probation;


3.  Students found responsible for the types of misconduct described in the "Student Rights and Responsibilities Statement" in the University catalog may be declared ineligible for the activities listed above. Those groups or individuals identified in the "Student Rights and Responsibilities Statement" as responsible for reviewing alleged violations shall also be responsible for declaring a student found responsible for a violation ineligible for the activities listed above;


4.  Upon notification of ineligibility, the student shall have a right to appeal a sentence of ineligibility. This appeal is separate from an appeal of decisions as described in the "Student Rights and Responsibilities Statement." The student shall submit his or her appeal of the ineligibility sentence in writing to the Office of the Registrar, who in turn will submit the student's appeal to the Student Academic Standards Committee to review and render a decision.