​This is a listing of the majors, associate degrees, master's degrees, professional doctorate, multi-area programs, pre-professional programs, and minors offered at the University of Findlay.      

Students interested in changing majors/minors must complete the change of Change of Major/Minor/Adviser Form. This form needs to be completed and returned to the Office of the Registrar. If an adviser change needs to be completed, the new adviser must sign the form before it can be processed.  In addition to major requirements, students must also complete general education classes to fulfill undergraduate and graduate degree requirements.      

Four‑Year Degree Majors (Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science)       

Accounting-Financial Accounting Emphasis
Accounting-Managerial Accounting Emphasis
Adolescent/Young Adult/Integrated English/Language Arts
Adolescent/Young Adult/Integrated Mathematics
Adolescent/Young Adult/Integrated Science
Adolescent/Young Adult/Integrated Social Studies
Adolescent/Young Adult/Life Science
Animal Science
Animal Science/Pre-Veterinary Medicine Option
Animal Science-Science Option
Art Management
Business Management
Children's Book Illustration
Computer Science-Business Emphasis
Computer Science-Computer Systems Emphasis

Computer Science-Data Analytics
Computer Science-Information Assurance Emphasis
Computer Science-Mathematics Emphasis
Computer Science-Web and Database Emphasis
Criminal Justice
Criminal Justice/White Collar Crime and Fraud Investigation
Digital Media
Early Childhood
English-Creative Writing Emphasis
English-General Writing Emphasis
English-Literature Emphasis
English-Teaching Emphasis
English as an International Language
Environment, Health, Safety, and Sustainability
Equestrian Studies-English Riding/Training Emphasis
Equestrian Studies-Western Riding/Training Emphasis
Equine Business Management
Forensic Science-DNA/Serology
Forensic Science-Toxicology
Graphic Design
Health Communication
Health Education
Health Science-Pre-Occupational Therapy Emphasis
Health Science-Pre-Physical Therapy Emphasis
Health Studies
Health Studies-Gerontology Emphasis
Health Studies-Health Care Management Emphasis
Health Studies-Personal Training Emphasis
Health Studies-Psychology Emphasis
International Business
Intervention Specialist Education/Mild to Moderate Disabilities
Law and the Liberal Arts
Mathematics-Applied Emphasis for Actuary Preparation
Mathematics-Applied Emphasis for Computer Science
Mathematics-Applied Emphasis for Engineering Science
Mathematics-Applied Emphasis for Operations Research
Mathematics-Pure Mathematics Emphasis
Medical Laboratory Science
Middle Childhood (BA and BS)​
Multi-Age/Health Education
Multi-Age/Health and Physical Education
Multi-Age/Physical Education
Multi-Age/Visual Arts (Grades K-12)
Nuclear Medicine Technology
Operations and Logistics
Organizational Communication-Interpersonal Track
Organizational Communication-Professional Track
Organizational Communication-Public Track
Philosophy/Applied Philosophy
Physical Education
Political Science​
Public Relations
Religious Studies-Biblical Studies Emphasis
Religious Studies-Christian Studies Emphasis
Religious Studies-Comparative Religion Emphasis
Religious Studies-Individualized Studies Emphasis
Social Work

Sport Business Strategy​

Strength and Conditioning
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
Theatre-Music Theatre Emphasis
Theatre-Performance Emphasis
Theatre-Production Design and Technology Emphasis     

NOTE: An emphasis is not counted as a separate major.      

Majors in the Associate of Arts Degree     

Business Administration
Computer Science
Criminal Justice Administration-Corrections Option
Criminal Justice Administration-Law Enforcement Option
English as an International Language
Equestrian Studies-English Riding Emphasis
Equestrian Studies-Western Riding Emphasis
Nuclear Medicine Technology
Personal Training

Master's Degrees  

Master of Arts in Education   

Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) and Bilingual Education

Master of Business Administration  

Master of Occupational Therapy  

Master of Physician Assistant 

Master of Science in Environmental, Safety and Health Management

Master of Science in Health Informatics

Professional Doctorate

Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)
Doctor of Education in School Psychology
Doctor of Occupational Therapy
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.)

Multi-Area Programs 

A number of programs have been developed by more than one area and explicitly cross traditional lines between disciplines.  Specific requirements for the following multi-area programs can be found by using the index to the current undergraduate catalog.  The current program offerings are Communication and Gender Studies.

Pre-Professional Programs   

Students entering professional school or the clinical portions of their major at the end of the third year will complete the GE requirements for the A.A. degree and will complete at least 30 hours outside of the major area.  The current program offerings are Medical Laboratory Science, Pre-Medicine, Pre-Nursing, and Animal Science/Pre-Veterinary Option.      


Minor areas of concentration are available in some disciplines. These consist of not less than 15 and not more than 24 semester hours of course work. Specific requirements are stated within course offerings. At least nine hours of the minor must be taken at The University of Findlay. Students may minor in:   



Art History


Business Administration

Business Economics

Business Information Assurance Management

Business Management



Computer Science

Criminal Justice

Digital Media



English as an International Language


Environmental, Safety and Occupational Health Management


Gender Studies


Graphic Design

Health Communication


Hospitality Management-Food Service

Hospitality Management-Lodging

Human Resource Management

Information Processing

International Business

International/Intercultural Studies

Interpersonal Communication


Law and the Liberal Arts


Mass Communication


Musical Arts

Nature Interpretation

Operations and Logistics

Philosophy/Applied Ethics

Philosophy/Applied Philosophy


Political Communication

Political Science


Public Administration

Public Administration for ESOH majors

Public Relations

Religious Studies

Second Language Education (for foreign language or TESOL majors only)