​​​Registrar Forms​​

Course Fee Request Form

The Course Fee Request Form is used to request fees to be added to courses to provide additional funding opportunities.  The form below must be used to initiate either a new course fee or to request a change to an existing course fee. 

Course Fee Request Form.pdf


Student Learning Outcome Time Expectation Form

It is expected that students will need to complete a minimum of 2250 minutes (37.5 hours) of work for each semester hour earned.  The work expectation may be satisfied with both in-class and out-of-class time.  There is an approved amount of in-class time associated with the credit hour expectation.  If a course does not meet all of the approved in-class time, it is required that an explanation of how the missed in-class time will be incorporated into the out-of-class time.  The form below must be completed to show how the minimum time expectation will be satisfied.

Time Expectation Form.pdf

Schedule and Room Revision Form

Please follow the link below to the Schedule and Room Revision Form and use it for all requested changes to scheduled courses for a particular term.

schedule revision form.pdf