​​​​​Advising Information 

The University of Findlay will use Workday Student starting with Fall 2021 registration and enrollment. Registration for Fall 2021 begins on March 22nd for the students with the highest numbers of hours. ​With this change, many of the registration processes handled by our office will take place electronically in the new Workday system. Therefore, we will be phasing out the use of some of our paper forms*​. In the coming weeks we will be updating this list, along with other pages on our site.


For more information regarding this transition, please visit the UF Workday page.

*Please note that for the Summer 2021 terms we will continue to follow current registration and grading practices.​

In order to best serve our student and faculty populations, the Office of the Registrar has provided the following forms, applications, and explanations for your use.  


Advising Forms​​

 Appeal Forms

Academic Dishonesty Form

When, in the opinion of a faculty member, a student is responsible for violating University rules, regulations, or policies of an academic nature, the faculty member must notify in writing the Office of Academic Affairs via the Academic Dishonesty Form.  The original Academic Dishonesty Form with documentation is to be submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs.  The Office of Academic Affairs will send a letter to the student explaining the charge.  The Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs, Instructor, College Dean, and the Department Chair/Program Director will get a copy of the letter and a copy of the submitted Academic Dishonesty Form.  The Registrar will receive a copy of the letter and the complete Academic Dishonesty Form so that it can be scanned into the student’s file.  The student may appeal in writing the charge of academic dishonesty to the Student Academic Standards Committee within five (5) business days of the receipt of the letter of notification from the Office of Academic Affairs using the Academic Dishonesty Appeal Form.  For more information, please read the section on Academic Integrity in the current Student Rights and Responsibilities Statement.

Academic Dishonesty Appeal Form

The Academic Dishonesty Appeal Form​ is to be completed by students who wish to contest a charge of academic dishonesty or the penalty associated with the charge.

Application for Formal Inquiry

The Application for Formal Inquiry is to be completed by students who wish to contest their final grade for a course.

Auditing Courses

Students may register to audit a course(s) anytime during the regular registration periods.  Students wishing to change from regular enrollment for credit to audit status after the start of a semester may do so only with the permission of the instructor and adviser and only during the first eight weeks (two Weekend College sessions) of the semester.  A change to audit status may affect billing with the University.  When appropriat​e, students will receive a partial refund of regular fees under the established refund policy.  Fees not refunded will be used in lieu of the audit fee.  Auditing may also affect financial aid or company reimbursement programs.

In order to register for or change a course to an audit, the Grading Basis and/or Variable Credit Hour Change Request Form​ must be completed and submitted to the Office of the Registrar for processing.​

Change of Schedule

Adding a course, dropping a course, or changing from one section of the same course constitutes a change of schedule.  Students may not add a course or change sections after the sixth class day of the semester without also receiving written permission from the instructor.  If schedule changes are not handled within the stated time limits, students are subject to receive a failing grade in the courses for which they are officially enrolled.  Students will not receive credit for courses attended without official registration.

Course Load

The usual course load at The University of Findlay is 15 to 16 credit hours per semester. Twelve or more credit hours per semester is considered full- time by the University for certain purposes such as housing regulations and financial aid. If concerned about eligibility for participation in varsity athletics or financial aid programs, students should consult with the athletic director or the director of financial aid, respectively.

Payment of the regular full-time tuition covers from 12 to 18 credit hours per semester. Students will not be permitted to take more than 18 hours during one semester unless a minimum grade point average of 3.0 is attained during the last semester enrolled. In all cases of overloads, prior approval must be obtained from the student's faculty adviser. The per-hour tuition rate is charged for any hours beyond 18 semester hours except for approved honors and travel courses.

In order to register for an overload (more than 18 hours), the Credit Hour Overload Request must be submitted online by the student in Workday for processing.​

Commencement Ceremonies

The University of Findlay has one commencement ceremony each year, at the end of spring semester in May. Students who have completed all degree requirements; who are in the process of completing all degree requirements; or those who are within two courses of completing their degree program, have a 2.00 cumulative grade point average, and have registered for Findlay classes in the following semester in order to complete their degree may participate in a scheduled commencement ceremony. 
Students who complete an application for graduation will be automatically assigned to participate in the first commencement ceremony that follows the semester in which their degree requirements are projected to be completed. Students are eligible only to participate in their assigned commencement ceremony.  

Graduation Conferral Date

The University of Findlay confers degrees three times each year, May, December, and August. The degree date is posted after successful completion of all degree requirements. Participation in a commencement ceremony is independent of degree conferral.   

The May graduation date is given to those students completing their degree requirements during the spring semester or the spring weekend term.  The December graduation date is given to those students completing their degree requirements during the fall semester or the fall weekend term. The August graduation date is given to those students completing their graduation requirements during the summer semester or the summer weekend term. 

The graduation application process (for all degree types) is done through Workday (Academics Dashboard > Apply for Program Completion under “My Academics”). The graduation application deadlines are posted on ​the Academic Calendar. For any questions regarding the graduation application process, please contact the Office of the Registrar.​

Directed/Independent Study

If a student is unable to meet with a class because of a schedule conflict or other special circumstances, it may be possible to take a course of directed/independent study.  Under these programs a student meets individually with the instructor at a convenient time.  A DIRECTED STUDY is used when the course is being offered but, because of special circumstances, the student cannot meet at the scheduled times.  An INDEPENDENT STUDY is used when the course is not on the approved schedule.  A fee per course is charged in addition to the regular tuition fee for the directed/independent study course.

The Independent/Directed Study must be approved and filed in the Office of the Registrar by the third week of the academic term in which the student wants to take the class.

The Grade of Incomplete

A grade of "X," initiated by the student, will be approved only when documented circumstances beyond a student's control (such as serious illness or family emergency) have prevented the student from completing the coursework.  Inability to get work in on time will not constitute a reason for the grade of "X."  A student must complete the coursework within ten weeks (or a shorter time period based on the discretion of the instructor) immediately following the end of the course session in which the “X” was given.  The time limit may be extended, up to one year following the end of the course session in which the “X” was given, at the discretion of the instructor and the dean.  If a student does not complete the required coursework within the prescribed time period, the “X” grade will automatically convert to an “F.”​

Student Academic Standards Committee

This committee is chaired by the Registrar and processes student appeals in several academic areas.  Typical appeals include waiver of the requirement that the last 30 semester hours be taken at Findlay, appeal of specific graduation requirements in special circumstances, and appeals concerning withdrawals from classes.  Appeals are to be submitted in writing to the Registrar with a clear explanation of what is being requested and reasons for the request and must include a statement from the student's faculty adviser concerning the appeal.

The Course Withdrawal Appeal form should be used for a request for late withdrawal.

The General Appeal Form should be used for all other appeals.


A transcript is an academic record and will include only information of an academic nature.  Disciplinary action is not recorded on the academic record.

Students must satisfactorily settle all financial obligations to the University before transcripts are released or diplomas awarded.

Requests to have academic transcripts sent to a third party must be in writing and must include the student's signature.  Under no circumstances will a transcript or a copy of a transcript of work taken at another institution be released by The University of Findlay.  Students should contact each school attended for copies of official records at that institution.  A fee is charged for each official transcript.

In order to obtain your transcript, please follow this link:  Transcript Request Information

Transfer Evaluation for Graduate-Level Programs

The Transfer Evaluation Request for Graduate-Level Programs should be completed by the appropriate Dean of the College offering the graduate program of study or the Program Director of the graduate program of study in which the student wishes to receive graduate credits. This form, along with the official transcript, must be returned to the Office of the Registrar for final approval and processing.

Transient Coursework

Students desiring to take courses at other institutions must submit a Transient Approval Request​ to the Office of the Registrar.  Approval will be limited to the term for which approval is requested.  Normal policy is that any approval given is voided if coursework is taken during suspension or dismissal status. Coursework that is contained within a course already completed (e.g., pre-calculus after passing Calculus I) will not transfer. Please review the University's Transfer Credit Policy regarding transfer credit policies.

Any student taking a transient course to apply back to The University of Findlay as a replacement of a previously completed course will have his/her transcript adjusted to reflect zero hours of credit and quality points for The University of Findlay course and only the credit hours from the transient course. Both courses will be flagged on the University transcript as a repeated course and a replacement course respectively.

The transient approval form needs to be completed and returned to the Office of the Registrar.

Withdrawal from Selected Courses

Withdrawals made after the first six days but within the first 50 days of a semester are recorded as non-punitive "W" on a transcript.  Students may petition for withdrawal after the first 50 days.  If the petition is denied and students fail to complete the semester, they will receive "F" grades for unfinished courses.  The Student Academic Standards Committee reviews all petitions for withdrawal made after the first 50 days.  If a student leaves a course without following withdrawal procedures, he/she automatically receive an "F" grade.  (See section on expenses for refund policy.)  Courses that meet for only a portion of the semester (e.g., first or second half HPE activities) can be dropped only up to the midpoint of the duration of that course.

When a student has violated University rules, regulations, or policies of an academic nature the student will not be permitted to withdraw from the course.

Withdrawal from the University

Failure to attend class(es) does not constitute an official drop or withdrawal. Students wishing to withdraw from the University must follow the current withdrawal procedures. To withdraw from the University, students must submit the Withdrawal form in Workday (Academics Dashboard > Leave of Absence/Withdrawal Request under “Academic Records”). The form will then be sent to a University of Findlay Representative for processing. Students will not be able to drop the final course on their schedule with the normal course drop/withdraw procedure; they must submit the Withdrawal form. For assistance with the Withdrawal process, please contact the Oiler Success Center.​​