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​The Resource Center ​has been made to provide all important resources for Student Organizations in one place! Detailed descriptions are available under each link by selected the + symbol. For more information please contact the Office of Student Activities, Commuter Services, & Leadership Development.

University Policies
Policies, rules, and regulations have been established to support and promote an optimal living/learning environment across campus. Students, faculty, and staff are responsible for becoming familiar with all of these published statements and for observing them as they live on-campus, attend class, or participate in any University-related activity.
Student Organizations
Check out the list of Student Organizations. Please check periodically, as this list is updated throughout the academic year. For questions, please contact the Office of Student Activities at 419-434-4606.
Agreement to Participate
The Agreement to Participate Waiver should be used by an organization for events that are being held off campus, such as wilderness hikes, conferences, retreats, etc. Student must sign before departure. After each student participating in the event has signed and dated the form, copies should be made and sent to the Office of Campus Safety and Emergency Management and Office of Student Activities. The original forms should travel with the student organization advisor.
Budget Request Form for On-Campus Events
Student Government Association is responsible for allocating its portion of the Student Activity Fee to registered student organizations primarily to support on-campus activities, leadership development, and campus improvements. For a student organization to request funding from Student Government Association, the Budget Request Form for On-Campus Events must be completed in its entirety and submitted to the Facilities Office. All quotes must be attached to be accepted for SGA review.
Budget Request Form for Off-Campus Events
The SGA Constitution and Bylaws details the requirements for Off Campus Event funding in Article IX. Budget Guidelines, Section 03: Off Campus Event Board. The off-campus budget request form must be used for all off-campus related events interested in requesting funding from SGA. For more information, please contact SGA at [email protected] or visit the SGA budgetary process guidelines.
Constitution Guidelines
Every officially recognized organization at the University of Findlay is required to have an updated constitution and bylaws on Student Government Association and Student Activities file a minimum of every two years. While most content of the constitution is up to the organization's discretion, some material is required by The University of Findlay. Areas that appear in bold in the constitutional guidelines must be word-for-word in an organization's constitution.
Constitution Submission Form
In conjunction with the Office of Student Activities, the Student Government Association's Constitution Committee, chaired by the Sargent-at-Arms, is responsible for reviewing and approving organization constitutions throughout the academic year. When an organization is due for a constitutional update, a representative of the committee will contact the President of the organization and request the updates be made. ​To submit an updated constitution, an organization must submit a word document version through the Organization Constitution Submission Form​. Without an up to date constitution on file or in progress, an organization is not eligible for Student Government Association funding.
Contract and Rider
The UF Contract and Rider forms should be used for every event that involves outside persons performing or providing a service. These are legally binding documents that is in place for the protection of your organization. The UF Contract and Rider are available in the Student Activities Hallway located in the Alumni Memorial Union. It is UF policy that no outside contracts/riders be signed before a completed (signed) contract/rider has been submitted by the other party. You must receive a signed copy of the UF contract/rider before you can sign it or any other contract/rider. Student organization advisors are the only persons permitted to sign as the authorized sponsor, NOT student organization officers, members, etc.
Daily Events Schedule
Interested in finding new and exciting events on campus? Looking to plan an event for your student organizations? Looking for ways to advertise for an upcoming event? Look no further than the Daily Events Schedule, where you can find out about all the exciting upcoming opportunities avaliable.
Emergency Medical Form
The UF Emergency Medical Form must be used when a student trip that is sponsored by UF, SGA or a registered student organization is being planned, or for programs involving minors. Each student/participant must complete this form.
Event Summary Form
The Event Summary Form is required for all Student Government Association (SGA) funded events. Within 48 hours of a completed event, a representative of the funded organization must complete the "Event Summary Form." Failure to complete will result in ineligibility of SGA funding for future events, as stated in the SGA Constitution. The Event Summary Form was created with the purpose of assisting The University of Findlay's Student Government Association in recording and acknowledging the success of student organized events. Please contact SGA with questions via email [email protected], or speak to a representative at the Student Government Association Office in the AMU room 8B with any questions pertaining to this form.
Facilities Reservation Form
Any student organization activity of event requiring university space must be reserved through the campus facilities office. The Facilities Reservation Form is the online request software that must be completed for processing by the Facilities office. When your request has been processed, an email will be sent with your confirmation information!
Frequently Asked Questions
Check here for common questions related to Student Acitivites, student organizations, and more!
Food Meeting Request Form
Per the SGA Constitution, "Student organizations may be allocated up to a maximum of $5.00 per person to have food at their club's regular meetings; however, no club/organization may be allocated SGA funds for the purchase of food at regular club meetings more than twice in one semester." This Food Meeting Request Form is to be completed by an organization club member and submitted online via the SGA OilerNation webpage. A submitted Sodexo Catering order placed on https://ufcatering.catertrax.com/ must be attached to be considered for SGA funding. Please note, adequate time must be given for SGA approval.
Fundraiser Policy and Permit Form
It is the responsibility of the Office of University Advancement to work with businesses and individuals to secure donations, sponsorships, products and gifts in kind for the University. All other University of Findlay student organizations, classes and departments are required to adhere to the fundraising policy. Please see the Fundraiser Policy and Permit form to review the full policy.
Interest Group Petition Form
Completing interest group petition is the first step to becoming a recognized student organization. The form may be submitted to Student Activities, AMU #8A (mail slot to left of door) during the regular academic year. The form is available in the Student Activities hallway outside of AMU #8A, or online. Student Activities requires a minimum of ten (10) businesses days to process the interest group petition.
Sodexo Catering Website
All University food orders must be made in conjunction with the University Sodexo Catering office. Orders can be placed online through the Sodexo Catering Webpage, or by appointment.
Student Activities Board Meeting Dates​
Your Source for Diverse Edutainment!! Student Activities Board is the student led/student run arts, entertainment & lecture programming board for The University of Findlay. Student activity fees assist in funding Student Activities Board programming Student Activities Board is committed to the task of providing cultural, educational and social programming that enhances the quality of student life on The University of Findlay's campus ​ The organization is led and directed by students. Student Activities Board is supervised by the Director of Student Activities, Commuter Services & Leadership Development.​​
Student Government Association Contact Information​​
Your Student Government Association Officers are selected on an annual basis by their fellow classmates! They service as the student voice on University committees, coordinate student events, and oversee all student organizations in conjuction with the Office of Student Activities. When questions or concerns arise, please feel free to contact any member of SGA to bring it to their attention. They are here to serve YOU as the student body.
Student Government Association Meeting Dates​
Student Government Association meets regularly to discuss current business, including student organization requests for funding! All students are welcome to attend a meeting and take part in discussion. Dress code for meetings is casual organization or UF apparel!
Student Organization Activation Form
The University requires that the Student Organization Activation Form be completed on an annual basis at the beginning of the fall semester. This form indicates that a particular recognized organization is going to be "awake" or "active" for the academic year and provides the University with pertinent details such as: organization officers, advisors, and upcoming events. The activation form is required to be completed electronically & submitted by the due date listed on the form.
Student Organization Fair Registration Form
Student Organizations are encouraged to participate in the annual Student Organization Fair. The organization fair provides new and returning students the opportunity to check out and get involved with student organizations that will be active for the upcoming academic year.
Student Organization Membership Roster
All recognized University of Findlay student organizations, honor societies, professional societies & interest groups are required to complete the student organization membership roster in the fall semester. Membership rosters are required to be submitted to remain in compliance with UF policy & SGA funding criteria. *It is the responsibility of the organization to notify Student Activities of any updates to this roster (ie: change in officers, new members, inactive members).
Service Hour Tracking Form - Individual Service
Please complete this survey to track individual service hours. This form is for individuals who have completed volunteer projects or co-curricular service-learning projects. If you are submitting hours towards the Graduating Class Gift Philanthropy Cord, please be sure to select that you would like these hours to count towards your eligability! If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Service and Community Engagement at [email protected] or 419-434-6671.
Service Hour Tracking Form - Group Service
This form can be completed by any group (comprised of students, faculty, staff, or a combination of those entities!). These service hours can be completed by volunteer or co-curricular service-learning projects! If more than one group worked together on the service, please fill out ONE form for the combined group. If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Service and Community Engagement at [email protected] or 419-434-6671.
Tax Exempt Form
The University is tax exempt for purchases made for events and activities. Because of this, this form must be presented BEFORE beginning a transaction at a business in order to recieve this tax exemption. The University will not reimburse an individual for taxes that were paid as a result of not providing this form during purchase, so be sure to have it with you!
W-9 Form
The W-9 form must be completed and on-file for any service(s) provided to the University. For student organization events, before a requisition or payment can be processed for a performer or company providing services, a completed W-9 must be provided to the Account's Payable office.
Workday Information
Accounts Payable has created a "helpful pointers" information sheet for student leaders.