Together We Will​

​The campaign for the future of University of Findlay




  • Make education more affordable for more students by providing more access and financial support to students at every socioeconomic level and every stage of adult life.
  • Enrich the student experience so that our graduates demonstrate our mission. 

Providing Endowments for Scholarship & Leadership: $25 million

A passion for investing in the success of Findlay’s students is at the heart of the Oiler Experience. Unrestricted endowed scholarship programs attract and support the best students even before they begin their first class. Endowed scholarships are permanent and made possible with the revenue from endowment funds.

The impact of giving toward scholarship endowments is best felt through the growth of the academic programs at Findlay, and the students and faculty the endowments empower. These endowments assist greatly in retaining both students and faculty, as well as help to establish a culture of support, pride in the University, and passion for the future of Findlay. You can enhance the UF experience for our students and provide resources necessary to equip our students for meaningful lives and productive careers through establishing an endowed scholarship fund.

The Findlay Fund: $15 million

The Findlay Fund is the philanthropic engine that drives our daily operations. Annual operation supported through the Fund allows the University to operate smoothly, enables innovation, and provides fuel for growth. It unlocks potential and enables our faculty and staff to get down to business and do what they do best. It makes it possible for us to weather crises without losing momentum. The needs are driven by the progression of students, and trusted University leadership always utilizes the Findlay Fund to that end. Supporting the Fund is the best way to make an immediate and broad impact.


  • Enhance the learning environment by providing tools and space for experiential learning.

A New Building for Campus and Community: $12 million

Regardless of what a student chooses as his or her major, their academic road always winds through the liberal arts and humanities. In an effort to create graduates who are knowledgeable in many areas, their required core classes include those in English, history, communication, language, religion, sociology, and a host
of others.

Currently, the liberal arts faculty is housed in small, formerly residential houses that are expensive to maintain and lack the space to move the University’s arts, humanities, and social services programs into the future.

The Center for Ethical Leadership will strengthen student/faculty collaboration, and encourage a commitment to sustainability and the ability to grow and evolve with technology.

Where Student-Athletes Learn Self-Discipline, Teamwork, and Leadership: $2.5 million

The University of Findlay develops student-athletes who are poised to take the growth from their respective sport at UF and move it forward through their lives outside of the playing field.

Enhancements to existing facilities will heighten competition and exposure, boost recruitment and grow enrollment, and create greater numbers of Oilers fans, who, together with student-athletes, will propel programs to greater attendance and acknowledgement. Additions to the lacrosse, baseball, softball and soccer playing fields, including stadium seating and lighting, among other amenities, as well as renovations to Croy Gymnasium, will allow for a clearer path toward success and recognition for burgeoning University athletics.

Give for 365 Days on the Green:

University of Findlay student-golfers must currently rely on good weather or scramble to find an indoor facility for their practices. During the winter months, practice can be even more unpredictable, as they must rent indoor facilities off campus and, sometimes, very far away.

Thanks to a generous lead gift from Pam '78 and John Beall, a new professional grade indoor golf facility in the works on the UF campus.

Experiential Learning Space for Environment, Health, Safety and Sustainability
Academic Program: $2.5 million

The Environment, Health, Safety, and Sustainability (EHSS) program at the University of Findlay is a national
leader in fostering and producing forward-thinking graduates who go on to make a pivotal difference in the safety
of people and places around the world. With a 100% job placement history, our students in the program are
clearly in demand.

Now more than ever, the University needs to remain at the forefront of EHSS education, and modernizing
and expanding the training spaces for the program is essential. Support for the expansion will lead to bigger
opportunities for the experiential learning and exceptional knowledge that UF and its students are well-known for,
and serve to create essential careers on the front lines of health.

Science Laboratory Renovations Throughout Campus: $4 million

As a leader in the sciences—health, animal and physical—the University of Findlay represents and encourages the
equal and utmost care of humans, animals and the planet. As we offer more health programs than anyone else in
northwest Ohio, being able to match the level of education to that of the desire we have to protect and better the
world is paramount at UF.

Through the experiential learning that we thrive on, we are producing leaders who will find fresh cures to save
lives, forge new paths for vaccines, and clean and protect the environment to promote the growth of innovation
and initiative needed in our modern landscape. Having cutting edge facilities in support of the goals of having
graduates who will lead the way toward a safer tomorrow is imperative.

Renovating and updating the lab facilities on campus for our premier animal science, biology and health science
programs, among others, will inspire students to discover solutions to new challenges and will move the University
even closer toward the goal of all-caring, ever-knowledgeable and wholly-capable graduates whose capacity to
offer essential help is uniquely Findlay.


  • Invest in the educators who model research and service alonside our students.

Endowed Leadership and Professorship Positions: $3 million

A great education begins with great educators, inspiring teachers and dedicated staff members who make a
difference in the lives of UF students and in the larger world. Decades after graduation, our alumni still remember
that professor or professional who opened the world to them, ignited the passion for service and faith, or gave them
the confidence to make a difference in their community.

Endowed leadership and professional positions allow Findlay to compete not only with other universities but also
with business and industry for leading faculty and professionals. A named position is a prestigious honor and the
funds allow our top faculty and professionals to take their work to the next level creating the kinds of vibrant
academic programs and experiential learning opportunities for our students that the larger world will take notice of.
Opportunities for endowed leadership positions are as varied as the passions of our supporters.

Endowing key academic and athletic positions could include:

  • Faculty chair endowment for the Environment, Health, Safety, and Sustainability Program
  • Endowed deanship in the College of Pharmacy
  • Endowed head men’s basketball coach
  • Endowed Director of Campus Ministries
  • Endowed Education Coordinator for the Mazza Museum
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Research Endowment: $5.5 million

From developing vaccines and cures to creating more effective communication and every new idea in between,
UF’s students, scholars and faculty work to advance and educate the next generation. Creating a safer future by
continuing to confront grand new challenges and seize innovational opportunities takes advanced and persistent
research. Your help with endowed funding for research in all areas of study ensures a sustained, compassionate and
innovative destination for the University of Findlay.


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  • Inspire students to serve and lead with purpose.
Grounded in Faith, Welcoming All: $1 million

Christian leaders flourish at the University of Findlay. Regardless of academic focus or major, the University is always ready to assist with the life of faith. Founded by the Churches of God, General Conference, as a Christ-centered college, the University celebrates Christian principles alongside academia, viewing both as essential in the ever-changing world in which we live.

In times of comfort and in times of challenge, the Campus Ministries Program, welcoming to students of all
denominations, provides the guidance that young people will use to make a lasting impact in the surrounding
community and to form powerful bonds. Providing an endowment for the leadership within campus ministry will
secure long-term support for this important work.

Study and Service Abroad: $1 million

The University of Findlay has students and graduates in essential places around the world. Taking their University
of Findlay education and values to places like Japan, South Korea, Dominican Republic, and England, among
others, has created internationally knowledgeable students who positively affect the world’s economy and
recognize global commonalities.

Well-traveled Oiler students, no matter the direction or destination, become more compassionate community
members who work with others to help influence the way the world evolves. Funds for study and service abroad,
whether through mission trips, academic experiences or internships, whether endowed or operational, will
help both students and faculty to make the most of a wider experiential learning, one that leads to a better
understanding of diversity and working together as a whole: knowledge to better serve to better humanity.

Experiential Learning Opportunities: $1 million

Through experiential learning at Findlay, students develop valuable knowledge and skills. Experiences like working
side-by-side with vital health-professionals and on-site with practicing veterinarians, and editing the University’s
literary journal, Slippery Elm, among many other opportunities, provide students with hands-on training unique
to their major. With internships from NASA to the Ohio House of Representatives, Oiler students are getting
jump-starts on productive careers. Across UF, from the sciences to education, from the arts to professional fields,
our students are becoming individually-minded, yet collaborative leaders, ready for the workforce.

Serving and Learning with All Sectors of Our Community: $1 million

Students from University of Findlay link to the local community through mutually beneficial service projects.
Serving with and learning from local health administrations, churches, government offices, youth organizations,
multiple businesses, and others help to create well-rounded and attentive students and graduates of Findlay.
Promoting volunteer service further develops students’ citizenship skills and values, encourages collaborative
partnerships between the campus and community, and assists faculty who seek to integrate public and community
engagement into their teaching and research.