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The on-campus solution to all your technology needs! 


Concise - Courteous  - Cost-effective

3C Computer Repairs offers computer repair and technical consulting services for the people of Findlay at an affordable rate. Our clients are students - computer owners in the Findlay area that have computer related problems or question. 3C Computer Repairs provides an array of computer repairs from virus removal to minor hardware replacement. We look forward to solving your problems.
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Our mission is to provide concise, courteous, and cost-effective technical support for University of Findlay students, faculty, staff and the surrounding community.​

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Our Contact Information   ​

   Located at: 327 College Street Findlay, Ohio  ​

   Office Hours: 

Monday           6 - 8 pm

Tuesday          3:30 - 6 pm

Wednesday     3:30 - 6 pm

Thursday         6 - 8 pm

Friday​             Closed

Saturday         Closed

Sunday           ​​​​​​Closed

   Phone: (419) 434- 5782
   Email:  [email protected]

  (Special Appointments Available)

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