​​​​​Criminal Justice​​​​​​

Investigate career opportunities with a criminal justice degree!

The criminal justice program at the University of Findlay will put you on 
t he path to a successful and productive career.
  • Fraud

  • Juvenile justice

  • Homeland security

  • Corrections

  • The legal profession

Many believe that a criminal justice bachelor's degree is about becoming an police officer but there is a vast array of sub fields that require the with the knowledge, skills and judgment that this program prepares you for. Click here to see a long list of career possibilities.  

Are you interested in focusing on fraud investigation and white collar crimes? We offer a major that specializes in that area as well.

Student Engagement Opportunities

Get involved with the many clubs and organizations offered on campus. With nearly 80, you’re sure to find people that share your interests including the Criminal Justice and Forensic Science Club.

The student-run Criminal Justice and Forensic Science Club offers learning opportunities:

  • Ride- alongs with local police agencies

  • Active participation in real-life law enforcement scenarios through utilization of Firearm Training Simulators

  • Stimulating conversations with professionals and experts in the criminal justice field

  • Tours of male and female prisons and jails and area crime labs

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