​Master of Education in Educational Technology 

A teacher and student sitting infront of a computerTechnology is an integral part of the modern classroom. New devices, apps and programs are introduced every day but finding ways to utilize them to their full potential can be a challenge. An Educational Technology Endorsement will provide you with the knowledge and skills to integrate the latest technology-based strategies and devices into your classroom. Stay ahead of the curve and reach your students in new and exciting ways.  

Students who would like to earn a Master of Arts in Education with an emphasis in Educational Technology must complete:
The Ed. Tech strand covers topics to make you successful across many sectors of the education field. On-line K-12 teaching and curriculum development comprises half the courses in the strand.  Overreaching Ed. Tech strategy is the focus of the second half of the strand. 

What can you do with this strand?

  • K-12 technology teacher
  • Online K-12 teacher
  • Educational technology coordinator
  • Online or distance education specialists
  • Online instruction coach 

Build your way up to a Master of Arts in Education

Start with the Grad Trio

Take three courses that can be used for professional development hours. These courses are also the first three courses in the Educational Technology Endorsement and Master of Arts in Education with an emphasis in Educational Technology.

Complete your Endorsement

The Educational Technology Endorsement is a total of six courses. The three Grad Trio courses account for half the total classes. When you successfully complete the Educational Technology Endorsement means you have completed the Educational Technology strand of the Master of Arts in Education. From here, you just need to take the graduate education core to complete your Master of Arts in Education.