Educational technology strand

Educational Technology
Earn a Master of Arts in Education with an emphasis in technology.

Technology is an integral part of the modern classroom and the modern office.  Many individuals pursuing an MAE prefer an emphasis in technology, but do not need or wish to pursue an endorsement.  Their professions could include: workforce trainers, University personnel, public relations professionals, graphic designers and human resources staff.

To earn an MAE with a technology emphasis requires 18 hours including EDFI 560 Technology Integration: Instructional Strategies and Classroom Management, and 15 hours from the following:

EDFI 562  Technology Production: Desktop Materials Management (3)

EDFI 564  Technology Production: Telecommunications I - Video-Based Production and Distance

Learning (3)

EDFI 565  Technology Production: Telecommunications II - Internet (3)

EDFI 567  Technical Issues in Education Technology: Networking (3)

EDFI 570  Technology Production:  Multimedia (3)

EDFI 575  Technical Issues in Education Technology : Technology Installation and Maintenance (3)

EDFI 580  Technology Planning and Implementation (3)

EDFI 585  Practicum in Educational Technology (3)

To earn an endorsement in Educational Technology (K-12 classroom teachers) students are required to take 18 hours including EDFI 560, and 15 hours from EDFI 562, 564, 565, 567, 570, 575, 580 or 585.

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