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A.A., B.S., Minor

​​​​Universal business discipline with two emphasis options: ​​​Financial accounting and managerial accounting.

All Hazards Training Center

Professional Development

​The industry leader in development and delivery of corporate-wide custom safety and security training.​​

Animal Science


Pre-veterinary medicine and science options offered to prepare students for the agricultural industry and graduate school.

Applied Security and Analytics


Offers advanced courses in leadership, big data, business and cybersecurity both online and on campus.


B.A., Minor

​Centered on studio practice and art history with areas of focus offered in ceramics, painting, sculpture, printmaking, drawing and photography.​​

Art Management


Prepares students for administrative positions related to galleries, museums, art centers and art organizations.

Athletic Training


​Prepares students to become certified athletic trainers. Begin as a freshman in our 3+2 program or enter the graduate program directly.

AYA and Multi-Age Education

B.A., B.S., Licensure

​​​Become an educator and earn your licensure to teach adolescent/young adult education (grades 7-12) or multi-age education (grades K-12). 


B.S., Minor

​​​​​​Conduct cutting edge biological research, pursue medical school or travel the globe in search of new species.

Business Administration


​​​​Gain foundational skills in business, economic thinking and finance with a minor in business administration.

Business Information Assurance Management


Build up your knowledge base in information systems and security with a minor in business information assurance management.​​​

Business Management

A.A., B.S., Minor

​​​​Prepares energetic and confident leaders who can add value and generate high performance at all levels of business responsibility.​​​​


B.S., Minor

Hands-on learning, undergraduate research and internships prepare chemistry graduates to pursue medical or graduate school, or enter the professional field.

Children's Book Illustration


Work closely with the Mazza Museum, the world's most diverse collection of original artwork by children's book illustrators located on campus.



Explore the philosophy and practice of coaching, sport psychology and more by adding a minor in coaching.​​

Computer Science

A.A., B.S., Certificate, Minor

​Areas of emphasis available in: business, computer systems, computer technology, information assurance, mathematics or web and database.

Criminal Justice

B.A., Minor

Gain skills to pursue careers in law enforcement, courts, corrections and juvenile justice.

Criminal Justice - White-Collar Crime and Fraud Investigation


Gain skills necessary to work with ​financially motivated crimes in law enforcement, courts, corrections, risk assessment or juvenile justice.

Degree Completion Program


Earn a bachelor's degree in business management with eight-week classes fully online.

Diagnostic Medical Sonography

A.A., B.S., Certificate

​​Learn how to conduct sonogram and ultrasound exams​ with ​hands-on experience and clinical hours in a hospital setting. 

Digital Media


Learn video production, newswriting and​ how to communicate digitally by adding a minor in digital media. ​

Dual Enrollment Certificate


​​For teachers with a master's degree who need the required graduate hours to teach UF College Credit Plus courses.

Early Childhood Education

B.S., Endorsement, Licensure

​​​​​Become a licensed early childhood teacher ​and be prepared to work with children ages three through​ eight.


A.A., B.S., Certificate

​​Learn normal and pathological conditions as they relate to the study of the adult heart​ through hands-on training.


B.S., Minor

​​Conduct research, collect and analyze data, monitor economic trends and develop forecasts with a degree in economics.


Ed.D., M.A.E., B.A., B.S., Minor, Endorsements

​​Prepares caring, competent, reflective and highly qualified professionals​ in education.

Educator Workshops

Professional Development

​​Workshops may assist with license renewal and/or updating your individualized professional development plan (IPDP).

Emergency and Disaster Management


​​Become a leader in ​the environmental industry with a certificate in emergency and disaster management.​


B.A., Minor

​​​​Prepare to reach your career goals by choosing an emphasis area including: creative writing, general writing, literature or teaching.



​Build a strong knowledge base and foundational skills in entrepreneurship by adding this minor.

Environmental Management


​​​Enhance your skills with a certificate in environmental management.

Environmental, Safety and Health Management


Prepares students for leadership positions in the environmental industry with courses online and on campus.​​

Environmental, Safety and Occupational Health Management

B.S., Minor

Gain skills to work in areas such as environmental consulting, regulatory agencies, armed ​forces or ​emergency response.​

Equestrian Studies

A.A., B.S., Minor
​​Select an emphasis from areas in English riding/training, wes​​tern riding/training or equine business management.

Equine Business Management


Gain barn management experience with courses in ​equine marketing and law to pursue a variety of careers ​in the equine industry.


B.S., Minor

Develop an extensive analytical perspective and the skills you need to be successful in a field that is essential in all industries.

Forensic Biology

B.S., Minor

Prepares students for testing biological material for DNA and other body fluid. Learn hands-on in our top-notch crime lab on campus.

Forensic Chemistry

B.S., Minor
​​Learn how to work with drugs or unknown materials and trace evidence analysis of paint, glass, fibers, hairs, latent prints or firearms. 

Gender Studies

Minor, Certificate

​​​Build your knowledge in gender studies with courses such as human diversity in America and society and sexuality.


Minor, Certificate

Multi-disciplinary study of aging encompassing the biological, psychological, sociological, spiritual and economic aspects of aging.​

Graduate Education Trio

Professional Development
Findlay's convenient way for​​ educators to update individualized professional development plans (IPDP).​

Graphic Design

B.A., Minor

​​Develop visual communication skills through digital imaging, typography, interactive media and commercial design.

Health Informatics

M.S.H.I., Certificate

​​​Learn the science and technology behind electronic health records with courses offered online and on campus. 

Healthcare Management

Develop analytical and problem-solving skills relative to the healthcare management field.​


B.A., Minor

​Gear your history degree toward your personal interests and career goals such as teaching, ​government, museums, ​archeology, law or theatre.

Hospitality Management


​​Gain the skills needed to be successful in areas of the hospitality industry such as lodging, food and beverage, or event planning. 

Human Resource Management

A.A., B.S., Minor

​​Gain foundational business skills and specific skills to be effective in hiring, administration and training of personnel for a company or organization.

Information Assurance


​​Introduces information security, including security policy, the anatomy of abuses​​ (theft, fraud, viruses, worms, DoS), risk analysis, auditing and vulnerability assessment.

Information Processing


Build foundational skills in information processing by adding this minor to complement your major.​​

Intensive English Language Program (IELP)


Offers international students English as a second language certification at a particular level. 

Intensive English Language Program Online

For international students pursing a graduate program at Findlay, but do not meet the language requirement.

Intercultural Studies


​Be prepared to work with people from all over the world by adding a minor in intercultural studies to your major.​​

International Business

B.S., Minor
​Learn the skills you need to understand new cultures, communicate effectively and conduct business​ globally.​​

International Studies

B.A., Minor
Be prepared to work with diverse populations in a number of areas such as: international business, service organizations based in the U.S., federal service employment, or in non-governmental organizations abroad.​​

Interpersonal Communication


Strengthen your communication skills and prepare for any career by adding a minor in interpersonal communication.​​

Intervention Specialist Education

B.S., Licensure

​​​Prepares students to become licensed educators and teach children with mild to moderate disabilities in grades K-12.


B.A., Minor

​Develop bilingual communication skills to pursue a career in virtually any industry with Japanese as a second language.​

Journalism/Digital Media


​Prepares students to become successful reporters, writers, content developers, storytellers and overall strong communicators.

Law and the Liberal Arts (Pre-Law)

B.A., Minor

Provides preparation for students interested in pursuing law school.


B.S., Minor
Learn personal selling, sales force management, advertising and promotion, product design, marketing research and customer service.​​

Master of Business Administration


Online and on campus with concentrations in Certified Management Accountant, Certified Public Accountant and Healthcare Management. 


B.S., Minor

​​Major in math with an applied emphasis in: actuary preparation, ​computer science, engineering science, operations research or pure mathematics.​​​​

Medical Laboratory Science

​​Learn to perform laboratory tests used in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease.​​​

Middle Childhood Education

B.S., Endorsement, Licensure

​​​Become an educator and teach children in grades 4-9. Select language arts, mathematics, science or social studies as a content area.​

Multi-Age Health and Physical Education


Prepare for a career as a licensed multi-age health and physical education teacher for grades K-12.​​

Museum Studies


​​​Gain skills necessary to work in a museum or at a historical site by adding a minor in museum studies.

Musical Arts

Love music? You can add a minor in musical arts to almost any major at Findlay.

Nuclear Medicine Technology

A.A., B.S., Certificate

​​​Prepares students to become highly skilled and trained nuclear medicine technologists and provide high-quality patient care in the medical community.



Graduates are eligible to take the licensure exam to become a ​Registered Nurse (RN).​

Occupational Health and Safety Management


Boost your skills in occupational health ​​​and safety management with a certificate.

Occupational Therapy

O.T.D., M.O.T.

Learn how to help people across the lifespan to do the things they want and need to do through the therapeutic use of daily activities (occupations).

Online Instruction


​​Educators can earn a certification in online instruction with just three courses.

Operations and Logistics

B.S., Minor
Learn how to plan, design, implement, manage and support activities for virtually any industry.​​


Become a pharmacist dedicated to improving patients' lives through practice, service, scholarship and lifelong learning.​​


B.A., Minor

Use ideas and theories to address real-world issues in areas such as education, business, law, public policy, health care and the environment.


Boost your photography skills by adding it as a minor to almost any major at Findlay.

Physical Therapy


​​​​T​​ransform society by optimizing movement and function to improve lives and the well-being of those they serve as a physical therapist.

Physician Assistant

Gain medical knowledge, technical skills, and experience necessary to become a compassionate health care provider.​​​​​

Political Science

B.A., Minor

​​Gain knowledge and skills within ​​American politics, public administration, political theory and comparative politics.

Positron Emission Tomography/Computed Tomography Technology (PET/CT)

A.A., B.S., Certificate

​​​​Gain the skills necessary to pursue a career as a technologist in advanced radiology associated health fields.​

Post-Baccalaureate Licensure

Professional Development

​Graduates with any bachelor's degree can pursue a post-baccalaureate licensure program in order to teach.​​

Pre-Medicine (Biology or Chemistry)

Courses within biology and chemistry majors are designed to meet the admission requirements for most medical, dental and chiropractic schools.

Pre-Veterinary Medicine (Animal Science)


Gain a strong academic foundation to prepare for veterinary school with practical experience in our outstanding farm complexes.

Principal License


​For current teachers with a master's degree looking to grow in their career and lead a school to success.​​

Professional Communication


​​​Advance your career in any industry with a master's in professional communication offered fully online. 

Professional School Treasurer License


​​​Learn the inner workings of your district's finances and support education in your district.​​


B.S., Minor

​Learn why people behave the way they do​​​ and apply findings to help people describe, predict and change cognitive, emotional and physical behaviors.

Public Administration


Gain exposure to American politics, public policy and administrative law by adding a minor in public administration.​

Public Relations


Learn how to manage the reputation and relationships of corporations, PR agencies, nonprofit organizations or the government.

Religious Studies

B.A., Minor

Select an emphasis in biblical studies, Christian​ studies, comparative religion or individualized studies. 

Rhetoric and Writing

​Two-year graduate program designed to help students strengthen writing and communication skills. 

Second Language Education


​​​Foriegn language and TESOL majors have the option to add second language education as a minor.

Social Work

Become a social worker with strong leadership skills, compassion and the drive to help individuals improve their lives.​​​


Learn a variety of topics, such as urban sociology and criminal behavior, by adding a minor in sociology.


B.A., Minor

​Develop bilingual communication skills to pursue a career in virtually any industry with Spanish as a second language.​

Special Education


​The special education minor prepares students to work with individuals with special needs within any industry.

Sport and Event Management

B.S., Minor

Gain specialized knowledge in facility management, intercollegiate sports, event planning, ​​travel and tourism.

Strength and Conditioning


Provides a solid foundation of knowledge and theory, and practical application of strength and conditioning (or personal training) methods.

Substance Use Disorder


​Gain an understanding of how to help individuals recover from substance use disorders with a minor in substance use disorders.

Superintendent License


​​​For current principals and administrators who are looking to grow in their career and lead a​ school district to sucess. 

Sustainability and Concepts


Pair almost any major with a minor in sustainability and concepts to learn skills to work toward a sustainable environment.

Teacher Professional Development

​​​​Flexible professional development options for teachers and education administrators. No master's degree required.

Teaching Endorsements

​​​​​Energize your teaching career by adding an endorsement to your teaching license. 

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)


​​Prepares you to teach English to speakers of other languages or work in cross-cultural settings all over the world.

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) and Applied Linguistics

M.A., Endorsement

Prepares students for a varety of careers domestically and abroad in linguistics and education.​​


B.A., Minor

Emphasis options offered in performance or theatre design and technology.

Training and Online Instruction

Educators can earn a training and online instruction certificat​e with only six courses.​


We offer career counseling and a first-year academic plan to help you explore majors, identify interests and abilities, investigate career opportunities and choose a major that’s right for you.​

Vascular Sonography

A.A., B.S., Certificate

​​Learn normal and pathological conditions as they relate to the study of arterial and venous blood flow.

Wellness and Exercise Promotion


Prepare for a career in corporate, clinical, or community wellness settings or for the pursuit of graduate study.


​Writing is important in most careers. Add a minor in writing to almost any major to boost your skills.